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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Product Review: Sheets Energy Strips

I've seen the commercials, so when I saw these on the counter near the check out at Walgreens, I thought, 'what the hell, I'll give them a try.'  First thing I can say is, they work.  I've been really tired lately and these definitely provide a pick me up that I thought was better than coffee.  The convenience is also nice.  I could just throw these in my carry on and not have to worry about the fluid restrictions and they fit nicely in my purse.  The only negative comment I can make, and it's a big one.  The taste is awful, in that scrunch up your face and pray that it's over soon kind of way.  I can't even describe the taste honestly, but I guess that's a small price to pay for alertness. 

Product Review:  C - just can't get over the taste  (may try another flavor if I see them)

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