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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Journal: January 7, 2012

When life is super crazy, Stew and I always look at each other and talk about needing some down time.  Some time to just stay in our pajamas, hang around the house, talk, play games and relax.  We have that now.  Even though at times, he's in pain and we're both suffering from some pretty intense insomnia, we have the time while he heals to just breathe and relax and hang around the house and we're both going nuts.  It's always the opposite of what you want.  We are just taking it a day at a time, trying to deal with the frustrations he's feeling in that this process of healing is not going fast enough for him and dealing with the boredom and the very weird position he finds himself in that he needs someone to care for him.  He's normally the caretaker.  Adjusting to being the one being cared for is difficult for him.  But as we keep reminding ourselves, each day is getting better.

He took one dose of pain medicine before bed last night and slept much better and he took a really good nap after we finished his dressing changes.  He felt well enough to check email and was able to use the computer for awhile.  All signs of progress.

I did some cleaning to prepare for mom and dad's visit, I read, I played in the scrap room a bit and I took a trip to Target.

We're looking forward to celebrating Christmas with mom and dad tomorrow.  We're not sure yet if we're going to go out to eat or get something to eat here.  It'll depend on how Stew's feeling.

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