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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Journal, January 10, 2012

Ten days into this month and I still just typed 2011.

I forgot to journal about the most important news I heard on Saturday.  Shawn is coming back to the States (officially either in June or October depending on orders; he'll be in Georgia for training July through September).  I was up late Saturday night unable to sleep when facebook told me that Shawn had posted a comment on one of my pictures.  I never have the chat feature enabled, so I messaged him to see if he was there and yay!  He was.  He told me the best news I could have heard.  It will be so good to have him so close again, where visiting is easy.  I miss my two little ones.  Speaking of them, it seems that SMP is having some issues adjusting to her role as a big sister.  She thinks it's unfair that she has a little brother and walks around the house saying, "I don't like the EAP."  I know she'll get over it; I have some experience in this matter, but it sure is funny to hear.  Shawn describes EAP as a knuckledragger, much to my chagrin.  Shawn says, "EAP walks around the house grunting and beating the hell out of stuff."

I spent almost the entire day on Tuesday in my craft room working on some projects, in between taking care of Stew, of course.  Now that he only needs to cover one part of his right hand, his bandage changes are much easier.  He actually brushed his teeth on his own today with no help from me - I'm not getting the evil eye from his therapist again!  He spent the day watching movies and playing Madden while keeping up with all of the news of the sports world.  He watched Cowboys vs. Aliens - which he said was okay, but kind of dumb.  He said, "What do you expect from a movie with that name?"  Yeah, he has a point there.  He watched The Expendables - he didn't tell me what he thought of that one.  He played Madden 12 - he's not really happy with the franchise function because he doesn't want to set ticket and hot dog prices; he just wants to play football.  Even so, he didn't have much trouble playing - though he only used the normal Wii remote as we haven't figured the joystick one out yet.  He annihilated whatever team his team was playing.  I think he enjoyed the game.

With keeping his bandages off, most of his affected area is drying out.  I'm going to take some follow up pictures from the ones I posted last week - the change in his hands is incredible.

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