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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Journal: January 11, 2012

Kind of a boring, rainy day around here.  Stew and I were going to venture out today for the first time since he got out of the hospital, but with the rain and his bandages and just the general dreariness of the day, that didn't happen.

So Stew spent a good portion of the day watching home improvement shows.  We're getting lots of cool ideas for changes to make around the house when his hands are fully functional again.

We watched the last Harry Potter film, which I thought was too long.  It was like one continuous battle scene that could really have been condensed to 10 minutes at the end of the other movie and that would have been fine (ya'll remember how impatient I am, dontcha?).  The one part that I did enjoy was looking back through Snape's memories and seeing why he was the way that he was.  I thought that was done nicely.  I can't remember much of the book to compare the movie to the book for accuracy and strangely enough, neither does Stew.  I have a feeling we'll be re-reading this one soon.  Stew enjoyed the movie a lot, but that's a glaring difference between us.  He loves those epic battle sequences.  I'm like, get on with it and tell me who won already.  Quite an interesting view into our personalities.  HA.

I asked Stew about The Expendables.  He said that the movie was stupid and not even the action scenes were up to par.  He said the explosions were good, but that was about it.  The movie had such potential with the cast.  I'm glad I don't need to watch it now. 

I talked with Laura this morning as we're making plans for Christmas and Stew's birthday party.  It was nice catching up with her and I got to talk with my little WTK.  He actually told me good bye and that he loves me on the phone today.  He never does that.  Normally, when he's finished, he hands the phone back to Laura and that's that.  But today, I got a talk to you later and love you.  Melt my heart.  Laura told me that at his birthday party on Saturday at the Play Museum (I think that's the name), Mr. WTK decided that he was going to explore by himself.  Of course, she found him in the construction area.  I mean, where else would the kid be?  I'm thinking they don't have a trash collection area - but if they did, WTK would be there all of the time. 

Tomorrow's a big day - we'll get to hear what the doctor thinks about Stew's recovery and what the next steps are.  Fingers crossed that Stew will be cleared to do everything.  Boredom is starting to kick in and though he's been a real trooper through all of this, this inactivity is driving him a little nuts, which in turn, you know, drives me crazy. 

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