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Monday, January 9, 2012

Journal: January 8, 2012

A pretty awesome day today. 

Mom and Dad came down today to celebrate Christmas with Stew and me since you know, our Christmas was interrupted by the Grease Fire of 2011.  I got up this morning and hurriedly wrapped their gifts and went through and straightened up the house.  The house is still very much a disaster area but each day it is getting closer and closer to how it should be.  I got a good portion of the Christmas decorations taken down, which is progress in my book.  Stew and I have made a decision about our kitchen.  Since we knew we were going to remodel it anyway to put in more cabinets, move the fridge, change the floor, and add an island, the only thing we're going to do out there for now is get the appliances.  Then we'll wait until after all of the medical bills are dealt with and the missed time from work and the like and we will then do the full kitchen remodel as we had planned.  This way we're not fixing something now just to tear it up and redo it later.  Seems like a good plan to me.  Besides, Stew wouldn't be able to be in the house if the painters came and after spending 2 weeks in the hospital, he just wants to be home and I can't say I blame him.

Mom made stuffed peppers and we had that for a late lunch/early dinner.  It was delicious and we have leftovers - yummy.  Mom bought the ready made mashed potatoes that Country Crock sells - they were actually pretty good and that's coming from a girl that doesn't normally like pre-made stuff. 

We exchanged presents.  Stew received a car battery charger and I got a crock pot to end all crock pots.  The damn thing has a thermometer built into it so you can cook the meat to a certain temperature and then the crock pot will turn itself to warm.  I can't wait to use that this week.

We got mom an otter pin while we were in Monterrey and she seemed to really like it.  We also got her a GPS unit.  We got dad a toaster oven and gift certificate to his favorite bait and tackle shop down on LBI.  They seemed pleased with their gifts and that always makes me happy. 

We had a good time talking to mom and dad and I think they were glad to see that Stew is getting better.  Every day is better than the last.  That's our mantra for this year so far.

The rest of the day was spent watching football.  I didn't care much about the first game and honestly, as far as the Steelers' game goes - if they had managed to pull that win out they would have just been delaying the inevitable.  We are far too banged up to have a solid run at the superbowl this year.  Since my team is out of it, I'll now be cheering for Green Bay!

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