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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Journal: January 9, 2012

I'm starting to wonder if Stew and I will ever return to a normal sleep pattern.  Neither one of us is having a whole lot of success sleeping at night.  Which leads to being super tired during the day, which leads to the taking of naps, which then leads to even more trouble sleeping at night.  It's a vicious circle.  Stew needs to sleep more and I need to sleep less.  It just seems like the last two weeks have drained all of the energy out of us.  We really need to work on this.  We'll talk about Stew's insomnia with the doctor on Thursday.  We decided tonight that it may be the pain keeping him from sleeping.  So we gave him a pain pill before he went to sleep tonight.  I guess we'll find out tomorrow if that helped.  In my case, I think the only thing that will help is a sledge hammer.  I bet you Phill has one of those.

Stew had therapy today.  She did a lot more work on moving his hands today than she did at the last therapy session.  She had him do squeezing exercises.  It was pretty painful and the pain lasted for a good portion of the day.  He's exhausted when he finishes the therapy sessions.  He came home and took a nap.  I actually sat down at my work computer and went through my emails.  Now that things are starting to turn the corner at home, I'm going to try to get my work stuff caught up before I officially go back.

During therapy today, the therapist had Stew write.  I told him to write his name.  So, of course Mr. Clever writes the words your and name.  Smartass.  The therapist gave him a grip to put on the pen in order to help him write and she told him to write his name now.  So, again, that's what he did.  Wrote the four words:  write your name now.

Another one for the books:  I asked him if we had a stud finder.  I'm excited about the project that we've decided to tackle in the game room and we're going to need a stud finder to make it happen.  He told me that we do indeed have a stud finder; however, there's a problem with it.  I said, "What's the problem."  He replies, "It beeps every time I touch it."  Hardy har!

Stew had left over stuffed peppers for lunch.  I had peanut butter and jelly and as GEP would point out, I "put too much butter on that, girl."  Dinner was grilled cheese on the electric grill.  Turned out pretty good.  Really need to order the replacement appliances.

Other than that, we napped, Stew watched tv and I did some work in the scrap room - the first time in awhile.

I sure hope that we both sleep tonight.  No matter what happens though - I cannot take a nap tomorrow.  I have to at least give myself a fighting chance of getting this sleep pattern to return to normal.

Received a really awesome email from dad today.  As I said yesterday, Stew and I got dad a toaster oven for Christmas.  Here's what the email said, "We used the toaster oven today to cook 2 baked potatoes.  It worked great!  Didn't have to fire up the big oven, and we like baked potatoes much better in an oven than in a microwave.  So, THANKS!  Dad"  It's always an awesome feeling when you get something for someone and they can really use it.  I'll be using my new high tech crock pot to make some meals this week.  I can't wait to break that out.

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