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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Journal, February 7, 2012

Another full day of meetings.  Had the investigator's meeting for my new study via Web Ex - that actually went much better than I was expecting.  Very smooth and I feel like all of the questions were asked and answered.  I'd never done a virtual investigator's meeting before, but I see this being the wave of the future.  Very good meeting in my opinion.  Feel like we're ready to get this study started.

Long drive home afterwards though - geez I don't miss rush hour traffic.

This is my very definition of hell.

Went to Walgreens on the way home because I needed pantyhose or tights or something to wear with my suit tomorrow.  Found that and more.  HA!  Got a call from Steve while I was shopping and he headed up our house.

Got home and Stew was making dinner:  Pork loin, risotto and corn.  The corn and risotta were really good.  Whatever seasoning Stew used on the pork loin wasn't my favorite - he and Steve liked it though and Steve took it home for future meals.  All good there.

Steve showed me the gift he got for his girlfriend for Valentine's day - very pretty.  He also got a jewelry store credit card - sigh.  We had a bit of tension over that, only for him to tell me that he's going to be an accountant so he knows what he needs to know about credit cards.  Okay, okay, this is me backing off.

After dinner we spent some time talking to Steve about schools and things like that then he left and we went to bed.  Another early night.  Have a very early flight in the morning.

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