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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Journal: February 15, 2012

Not a lot happened today.  I had a therapy appointment.  That went well.  We filled out the paperwork for the new therapist.  I just need to call and make an appointment and figure out the insurance part of it.  I'm still cleaning up things in order to transfer them back to the office so that my departure from the company is smooth.  I received an email today that they were cancelling my visit tomorrow because the site isn't ready, which is good news, but they want me to do a visit in South Dakota, which is bad news.  I have a meeting with my manager tomorrow and I'll see what he wants me to do.

Tonight for dinner, I made the tortellini and vegetables that we were supposed to have on Monday, but I had Beefaroni instead, so I made it tonight.  I was really good, I thought, but as I was making it, I realized that there was no way Stew was going to eat it it.  He doesn't like peppers and this had a lot of those.  So I had mine.

And I put some ragu on you can see, he doesn't need much sauce!  
 And Stew made his what he terms "ghetto garlic bread".  White bread, butter, garlic salt - it was yummy, as always.
We watched some tv and went to bed.  We're both just really dragging lately - don't know what that's about.  I think it may be the continued problems with sleeping well.  Hopefully this works itself out soon because we're both exhausted.

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