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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Journal: February 25, 2012

Another day of feeling sick.  Don't know what is going on with that.  I missed FGH's entry in the Pinewood Derby and I didn't even know that BMH had an entry - so I missed both of those due to this ongoing malaise.  I'm not really sick.  No symptoms of anything to note, really - just not feeling like myself.  Who knows?

So, despite the desire to get a lot of things done today, I spent the day relaxing with Stew.  We caught up on all of our DVR'ed shows - considering I'm going to be out of town for two weeks, that's probably a good thing to have as much space available as possible.  Once I get back from this training, Stew and my agreed upon routine will go into effect, which means tv time on Fridays only.  I think I'm going to have to cut out some shows...that's not a bad thing.

We also watched the Nationwide race.  Who won?  I have no idea - someone I have never heard of.  So who is going to win tomorrow - same thing, probably some one no one has heard of who just gets through the mess of a wreck that happens on the last lap.  It happened in the truck race last night and in the Nationwide race today.  I think that today's mess was caused by Kurt Busch trying to block - I really just don't like that guy. 

And big news of today - CEH has arrived.  We got a text from Matt around 4:50 saying that they were at the hospital, but not in active labor, though they were admitting Kelly because she was too close to going.  Update text at 5:35 stated that they were inducing labor within the next hour and at 9:15 we go the text saying that Ms. CEH was born at 8:41.  She weighed 9lbs, 5ozs and was 21 inches.  YAY!  I'm an aunt again - that's baby number 12, 7 girls and 5 boys.  I'll have to go see Ms. CEH when I get back from Cincinnati since with this general not feeling well thing I've got going on, I don't want to infect her.

Tomorrow's the Daytona 500 - we normally have a big party, but we're not sure it's even going to happen this year with CEH's arrival.  We'll see.

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