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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Journal: February 21, 2012

Sleep just wasn't easy to come by last night, I think I got all of 2 hours of sleep and while I laid on the couch this morning thinking that a long nice nap would be good, I thought, time's wasting, let's get up and do something that may give me some energy even if that thought is counter intuitive to me most of the time.  I put on the work out clothes, went down stairs and broke out the Zumba Wii game that I bought and let me just say I love it.  I love to dance any way and this makes me feel like I'm learning more about dancing than I am just doing exercise.  I do need to buy a new Wii remote that will work better with the game, but this is awesome.  I didn't last very long (to say I'm out of shape would be an understatement) and I couldn't always keep up, but I was moving and look 210 calories gone.  Whooohooo.


Following Zumba, I took a shower and got ready for the day.  Mail person came and look here - my package is damaged.  Thankfully, nothing inside was - that would have been tragic.  It's a scrap kit, guys.  

Then on to the errands.  Picked up Stew's dry cleaning.

Since it's Mardi Gras, I decided to make gumbo for dinner so I went to the grocery store to get the ingredients for that.

Found this magazine - I love my slow cooker and if I can make good for us food in it, all the better...

Got a new Tony Stewart shirt, I'm ready for the season now.

One of the main goals in running around today was to find ice packs for Stew's lunch.  I searched and searched Target and the only ones I could find were these - Star Wars - how awesome is that!  He's going to love them. Though I did eventually find the other ones, too.

Also bought a new tooth brush stand for our bathroom.  We have one where the tooth brushes go into the holder - the bottom of that thing gets disgusting - so this will make cleaning it much easier.

New water bottle - tired of paying for Fiji especially since we have a water filter on the fridge. 

Then I made my gumbo - had to peel and de-vein all of the shrimp. I finished this, but my fingers were tingling and I thought it was just the typical sensitive skin reaction I get like when I chop ginger - ummm nope, this was some sort of topical allergic reaction.  My finger swelled and I started itching.

You can't really tell without a reference but my finger was swollen and tight to the point that I couldn't bend it.  Needless to say, I didn't put the shrimp in the gumbo.  Weird reaction though since I've eaten shrimp a lot and peeled them a lot - don't know what's up with that.
The gumbo was pretty good even though a little spicy and I forgot the green beans and tomatoes - after the reaction, my brain was in outer space.

That was it for the day.  Got a lot of cooking ahead in my future.

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