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Friday, February 3, 2012

Journal: February 3, 2012

What a rousing day of inactivity.  LOL.  I had so much stuff I wanted to get done today and I did absolutely none of it and I'm so tired.  How can doing nothing make you tired?  It's a weird sort of thing.  I've just lost my motivation today.  It'll come back some time soon - I hope.

This morning I worked on adding all of the scrapbook pages I've made previously to the blog.  Those posts will show up every day for the month of February since I didn't want to overload the blog all at once with them.  So every day along with a new layout (I hope), there will be an assortment of older layouts posted as well.

I had an appointment with the psychologist today.  That went well.  We're talking about some of the harder things that happened when I was a kid, but it's all going pretty good. 

Stew and I are totally failing this don't eat out thing and the no 7-11 visits.  LOL.  Next week will be better.  I'm back to work and hopefully we'll be back to some semblance of a routine.

We're still enjoying Mike and Mollie season one.  Some of our favorite quotes come from grandmom. 

"Best gift he ever gave a woman was leaving."

When Mike's partner interjects while Mike and grandmom are talking, grandmom says, "Did anyone ask what the stupid people think?"

Too, too funny.

Tomorrow is a day where Stew will be sleeping in and I'll be out running around: eye doctor, hair appointment and much shopping.

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