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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Journal: February 18, 2012

Day started out early - around 4AM.  I spent the morning cleaning up my scrapbooking room and working on some projects I'll share in other posts.

I went upstairs around 10AM to see how Stew was doing.  He was sleeping pretty soundly so I thought that maybe we'd skip the game and I'd let him sleep, but he woke up and said he wanted to go to the game.

So off we went.  We got there before the game started but later than I wanted - I missed the sucks portion of the intros.  That SUCKS!

The game sucked, too.  The Flyers were standing around on defense.  We don't have a goalie to speak of.  They seemed like they were half asleep.  It was amazing to me that one of the oldest players on the team was one of the only ones to play with any kind of intensity.  Even Giroux seemed sluggish.  Just not a good game.  I still loved being there and thank Matt for the opportunity to go see them face off against the Pens - but they just didn't seem that into it.  There was a guy sitting behind us that was screaming that he was embarrassed and that he wanted a refund.  Too funny.  Gotta love those Flyers' fans - gotta love even more that when the refs came out before the periods began, the whole crowd booed them.  The fans are one of the many reasons I love hockey.

I took about 150 pictures from the game.  Here are a few:

Jagr skating off after his second goal - he was one of the few highlights of the game.

Westwood scored his first NHL goal.

Our new guy: Nicklas Grossman

Bobs - let's just say, as a goalie, he makes a good gymnast.

Final score.  Boooooooo.  Hate the Penguins.

Stewbert saved me the best part of the pretzel - ain't he the best.

Us at the game...

After the game we headed over to mom and dad's.  Dad got a new pizza stone last week, so when we made dinner plans, we decided that he'd show us how it's done.

Dad making pizza

The pizza was delish - makes me never want to buy pizza again.  Stew and I are definitely going to try to make our own some time in the near future.

Mom's damn brownies - I ate a third of these - to say I rolled home, yeah...

We watched the Bud shoot out while we were up there.  Looked like Tony was going to take it.  Damn that Kyle Busch.  I actually didn't see much of the race, I was falling asleep.  Poor Stew had to drive home - I slept the whole way, I was so tired.

Hoping to sleep in tomorrow.  Got some chores to do but other than that, we're just hanging around the house.  My Stewbert needs to rest.

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