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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Journal: February 29, 2012

Just a short update today.  Had more meet and greets today.  Still loving it.  Getting a little tired of talking about myself.  During one of the meetings today, my orientation partner and I tried introducing each other instead of telling our own story.  It's a lesson in male versus female listening skills, I think.  He had me working at some places I've never worked.  LOL.  It was funny though and besides learning a lot about him - he's a lawyer (never know when you might need one of those...) - I'm learning a lot about others in the company.  It was a good day.

After work today was happy hour for the leap year celebration and if you know me, you know that I don't typically go to things like this but after a little arm twisting, I decided that I should go.  I completely love the HR reps - and my manager said that she was really looking forward to me going.  Can't not go now.  In fact, when I arrived she was saving me a seat.  I'm so glad I went.  Just having more fun with these people I now call colleagues.  Just a hilarious time getting to know the personalities of the people and of the company itself.  And the restaurant had like the best soft pretzels I've ever had outside of Philly.  I even got an order to go with the thought that I'd go back to the hotel and read.  Yeah, wasn't happening.  I vegged in front of the tv, ate my pretzels, then crashed.  Still catching up from the lack of sleep on Sunday and Monday nights, I think. 

The restaurant is The Firehouse Grille.

And look - they have mashed potato pizza - definitely going to have to bring Stew here...if he comes.  We're trying to decide if he should make the trip here this weekend.  They're calling for snow.  I'd love to see him, but that might be a lot of traveling just for a day and a half.  We'll have to see. 

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