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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Journal, February 4, 2012

Oh today was the day of running around.  It started with a trip to the eye doctor.  I knew even before I went that my vision had changed.  I was kind of on the edge of needing a new prescription last year but it wasn't bad enough to warrant it so we kept it the same.  Not this time.  Actually went to a new doctor since my doctor left her previous location and I no longer felt like driving to Dundalk every time I needed something done with my eyes.  I like the new doctor a lot.  She was thorough and she made the decision to change my prescription to -7.00 and to put me in a contact lens that will correct for the astigmatism in my right eye.  She gave me samples of the -7.00, but the lenses needed to correct the astigmatism weren't in stock so she's going to order me a sample set of those to try before we finalize everything with that.  I also ordered new lenses for my glasses.  I like my frames a lot, but the prescription in them is outdated as well.  I didn't order transition lenses this time - I mean if they don't change while I'm in the car, they're no use to me.  Instead I got some clip on sunglasses that go on my glasses - that'll do for the rare times I actually wear my glasses.

Headed off to get my hair done.  My previous stylist has taken a leave of absence to care for her sick mother which is sad so I had to see someone else.  I liked her just fine and she did a great job on my hair.  I don't think my hair has ever been as straight as she blow dried it today (of course she used a straight iron, too - but it's really straight!).  No cut today as the ends are still healthy.  I'll see her again in 6 weeks or so, depending on how fast the gray grows.

Off to get clothes then - stop at Lane Bryant.  I'll be happy when I can shop at regular stores and not the big girl store.  I'm sick of being a big girl.  I did find some awesome deals in their clearance section.  All of their clearance items were 50% off.  Score!  I picked up 4 outfits.  This is just one of them.

I'll have to post pictures of the others later - I just haven't been in that big of a camera mood of late.

I got fitted for bras - wow.  Let's just say that was a surprise.  I had no idea I'd been wearing such the wrong sized bra.  So I got four bras so that now the girls are taken care of.  LOL.

After Lane Bryant I went to Macy's to buy make up.  It's a sad day when make up costs almost as much as the outfits I bought.  But since my damn skin only let's me use Clinique that's what I have to deal with.

Got home around 5.  Showed Stew everything I bought and he and I ended the night on the couch watching tv.

Superbowl party tomorrow - provided I can get all of my stuff done.  We'll see.

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