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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Journal: May 8, 2012

My sleep cycle continues to be totally off. Stew and I were supposed to go to the Flyers' game tonight but I just couldn't keep my eyes open, I just really needed to stay home and rest - luckily, Matt was able to find someone else who wanted the tickets.  My whole routine is screwed up right now - no exercising, not drinking enough water.  Sigh.  Have to figure out how to right this.

I uploaded some videos to YouTube this morning and I've been trying to get the blog caught up.  It's still so far behind.

I have 39 youtube subscribers now.  I really can't believe it.  That's awesome.

Stew and I went to the doctor today.  I got yelled at for letting my blood pressure medicine run out.  I knew that was coming.  She prescribed Stew a Z-pac for his incessant cough.  Hopefully, that will not it out of his system.  Stew's blood pressure is borderline so she recommends losing weight and keeping an eye on it.  Mine was high - that's nothing new.

On our way back home we stopped at Sweet Devotion Cupcake and Creperie Cafe - let's just say we didn't find a place that can replace Meli in the crepes department.  Stew got a turkey sandwich that he said was okay.  I got a crepese crepe - bad idea.  The olive oil just soaked right though it.  Didn't taste all that great after that.

We stopped at Brewsters to get ice cream - of course.  Stew got a milkshake, me strawberry on a sugar cone.  I really wanted chocolate chip cookie dough but they didn't have it.  They're strawberry is really good though, so that was fine with me.

We dropped our prescriptions off at Rite Aid and then came home.  I went to play in the scrap room but was having trouble keeping my eyes open, so I went down to lay down in the family room.  We watched House and Castle and then I went back in the craft room to work on journal entries before going to bed.

I'm hoping to have a productive, on task day tomorrow.

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