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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Journal: May 13, 2012

Really bad morning.  I got up and got the stuff together to head up to Jersey for mother's day and then after that - just collapsed.  This whole thing with my father is really bothering me more than I ever thought was possible.  I just feel weird.  We finally made it up to mom's around 2 and Stew still had to go to the store - but it all worked out.  I had a good day with family and that's the most important thing.  WTK was there watering flowers and playing with the coin sorter.  He also spent time fawning over CEH and playing cars with GDH.  GDH was her normal chatty self.  She was hosting a full birthday party back in one of the guest rooms and she got mostly everyone to put on a party hat.  She and BMH spent a lot of time together in their pretend party.  I love GDH's imagination.  FGH was a bit antisocial today - spending most of his time downstairs and playing video games.  Ahhh, those tween years.  The little kids picked most of Dad's strawberry plants clean - I don't think one strawberry made it into the house and even mom's rabbit Fou Fou made an appearance.

Mom really liked her gifts which made me happy.  I got to spend time holding CEH - there's just something about a little baby cuddled up in your arms.

Matt took over the grilling duties and my chicken was done to perfection.

We left mom and dad's around 9:30.  It was great to have this time with the family.  Family truly does keep me going.

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