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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Journal: May 3, 2012

Got up and went to work today - you know those short 15 steps from my bed to my office.  I had a migraine and that damn robin outside of my office window would have been shot had a owned a bb gun and knew how to shoot it.  Since, neither was the case, I just tried to ignore it and get through the day.

Had a meeting with my manager.  There weren't any real updates.  There's been no movement on my main study and my damn time for April is a half of an hour short - damn it.  I had to fix that and send it back to him.

I finished prepping for the training I needed to conduct with my site today and then did the training.  It went awesome.  I set up my first monitoring visit for 15 May 2012 and then started looking at the travel to this part of Canada.  HAHAHAHA.  Travel is going to suck.  I think I'm going to fly to Halifax and drive - the flight into Moncton is just too long with all of the connections.  So much for cutting down on travel time.  HA.  Oh well, it's all about new adventures - right?

Stew came home and we went to dinner at Olive Tree.  I got a strawberry basil margarita.  It was interesting tasting that's for sure. 

I couldn't understand why, at an Italian restaurant, they would put my drink in a cactus glass.  I mean that seemed like more something La Tolteca should be doing - then I thought maybe it's because it's a Mexican drink or something.  Still struck me as odd.

Dinner was actually really good.  The Olive Tree hasn't been that great in recent past, but it surpassed both of our expectations tonight.  I got Rigatoni with sausage and Stew had the Fettuccine Alfredo - both were really good and the service was good.  The other patrons, yelling across the room, talking about their baby's bowel habits, not as great, but the restaurant tonight just might have put itself back on our okay list.  And the peanut butter pie I had for dessert - to die for.

I came home from dinner and started working on my layout for LOAD.  I couldn't find the picture I wanted of GDH and CEH in their Flyers' gear, so I spent way too much time formatting other pictures.  Oh well, I love the finished product.

The Flyers lost in overtime.  Bummer.  The Devils are up 2 games to 1 and two of the games have gone to overtime.  It's been an awesome series and I don't understand why more people don't get hyped for hockey.  It's awesome.

We went upstairs and did our night time stuff - I washed gloves and took care of Stew's hands and then played a game on his phone until I went to sleep.

I woke up at some point - you know you're obsessed with scrapping supplies when you dream about getting them in the mail!

Had an eye opening experience tonight at dinner when I looked at the amount of money I spent on scrapbooking stuff in April - ouch.  I need to figure out how to stop this.  I spend way too much money on this stuff.  I buy it faster than I use it and that needs to stop.

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