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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Journal: May 31, 2012

What an awesome day.  Headed up to Jersey pretty early to meet with Mom and Dad before we went to the farm to pick some strawberries, sugar snap peas and radishes.  The traffic was heavy in places but all in all not too bad.  Drove all the way up there without any music.  I like the quite times while driving to think - not always, most of the time I listen to the radio but today I just wanted to spend some time just thinking.  I don't always spend a lot of time doing that.  I'm typically pretty involved in other things.  So that was a much needed break.

I love that Edgewater Park and Burlington where Mom and Dad live place US flags on every light pole for the Memorial Day Holiday.  I noticed them when we were up there over the weekend, but never stopped to take a picture of them. Thanks to a nicely timed red light today, I was able to get one.

Got to mom and dad's and we headed out to the Delran Coffee shop for breakfast.  Mom and Dad have been going to that shop for many, many years - a long time.  Everyone there knows them and Dad barely needs to order - the waitress knows exactly what he's going to get.  I got an omelet and it was super good. 

After breakfast, it was time to get to the farm.  Dad wanted to get their early to see if they would have cherries inside the shop.  This was originally supposed to be a cherry picking day - but the farm closed down that section due to over picking, so dad wanted to see if he could still get some.  No such luck.

I just love the shop - they have all kinds of baked goods and many different types of fruits and vegetables.  The baked goods were so tempting - but I was good. 

I thought the old time appliances and tractors they had on display were cool.  Really gave the shop a very earthy feel.

GDH and CEH showed up.  I got to hold CEH while her mom stopped in the store and GDH climbed all over her Dzadziu.  We waited for a little bit and then Laura arrived with WTK.  WTK had a friend with him.  Mom went in and got tickets for the ride and off we went.

The kids had a blast picking sugar snap peas, strawberries and radishes - and by kids, I really mean all of us.  WTK was funny because he wouldn't put any of the peas that had dirt on them in his basket.  The farm had set up a dispensing cooler for water and the kids got a kick out of getting water out of that with their coned shaped cups.  I got to feed Ms. CEH but then she gave me a present I won't soon forget - boy she takes after her father in this area. 

It was a great day at the farm.  WTK left to go to school with his friend and Mom, Dad, and I left because Dad had some things he had to get done in preparation for an antennae test he has on Saturday.

The farm was wonderful though and I'm really not sure how many baskets of things we got.  I think it was something like 8 baskets of peas, 2 baskets of radishes and 4 baskets of strawberries or something.

Before we left the farm I went inside to pick up some strawberries - I really didn't feel like picking them myself and I also picked up a cool crab themed sand set for the beach - the kids can make sand cookies with them.  We'll have to watch EAP though cause he just might eat them if what his father says about him is any indication.

Mom, Dad and I got back to their house and mom cleaned the peas and the strawberries - Oh the peas were probably the best I've tasted in maybe ever.  Dad also cut up some peaches.  A white one and a yellow one - they were delicious, too.  Both Mom and I love our peaches soft but as dad said, he picked these out so they were crunchy which were good to, but mmmm, a peach so juicy that when you take a bite the juice runs down your arm - yummy.

Dad was telling me about corn they got a few days ago from Varsaci's Farm and I thought seriously about going over and picking up some for Stew but then dad said that he was going to run over there and get some.  I tagged along and we forgot to ask where the corn was from.  Dad thinks either Florida or South Jersey - but we don't know for sure.

What I do know was that it was delicious.  I was glad I was taking some home for Stew.  I picked up some peaches at Varsaci's as well.  I could live I think on fresh fruit and vegetables - well, I say that now.  If that was possible, I wouldn't look like a whale.  HA!

I noticed for the first time today the paw prints in the concrete in front of mom and dad's front door.  I asked mom if that was from her cat and she said that it was.  I think that's awesome.  Dad said, "you really want to see something."  He showed me where Stew had written his name in the concrete - so, so, so cute.  I just love that kind of stuff.

Since I am now traveling to Canada, Dad went to look for all the Canadian money he had left over from his trips up there - which meant he pulled out his memorabilia box.  In it he has all of his dad's military medals and even some bullet casings from the shots fired during the 21 gun salute that was done at his dad's funeral.  Mom also pulled out her box.  Mom's box is one decorated with macaroni and painted gold.  She wasn't sure which kid made it for her but when I asked Stew he was pretty sure it was Frank.  I love it.  All these memories.  I enjoy hearing all of the stories and all of that.  Losing my mom without really delving into this type of family history with her has really made me appreciate all of this all the more.

Stew was home from work today because his hips are still bothering him really bad.  The doctor gave him prescriptions for anti-inflammatories and a muscle relaxer and told him to take extra strength Tylenol and also to make an appointment with an ortho guy.  Stew's seeing the spine specialist the end of June.  I hope these meds work so he's feeling better.

After I got home, Stew and I went out to start draining the pool - he basically just had to plug the pump in.  Boy were we in for a surprise.  There was a pretty big ball of algae floating on the top of the pool that I wanted to get out - I thought it was a plastic bag or something - that is until I saw the long tail.  It was either a rat or an opossum or something.  Whatever it was it was way disgusting.  Stew and I both think that it got in there when a bird flying overhead lost its lunch.  We can't figure out another way for that to have happened.  Just thinking about it now gives me the willies - ick.

But the pool is draining now and thank God too because there is no way I would have been able to go back into the pool with the water that was in it.

After that little adventure - it was True Blood time.  I'm loving, loving, loving this season still.  Though to be honest, they could completely get rid of Sam and Tara - don't need them.

Went to bed at a little after 11 - need sleep.  I'm exhausted.

Couple of other notes from the day:

  • Had my management meeting.  I'm being assigned another study.  A solid tumor oncology study - whooohooo.  We're only scoped to do the pre-study visits but they want them done in July.  That will be 7 visits to get done when I'm back from vacation.  I'm loving that.  Can't wait to get busy with work.  I know, I know, I should enjoy it while it lasts - but seriously, come on!
  • Laura told me a story about WTK.  Last night he was playing with some brown paper bags and he was putting his trucks in them, but they kept ripping.  So he was getting mad, he brought them upstairs while grumbling at them.  He threw them in the pantry, slammed the door and said, "I don't have time for this."  Too funny.

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