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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Journal: May 24, 2012

Stew was really tired this morning after not sleeping well and he wasn't feeling good so he stayed home from work and slept in.

I got up on time but spend 4 hours organizing the scrap room.  It's almost done, just a lot of labeling still to do.  I can't wait until it's finished so I can scrap.  I obviously can't scrap in a messy room, that's for sure.

I'm so tired this morning I'm not much motivated to do anything.  That's really why I need to go to bed on time.  It affects everything else.

Stew got up around 11 and he was feeling better.  The bleeding has stopped.  He boiled himself some eggs and I made a green pepper, onion, ham and egg scramble - cause let's be honest, I can't flip an omelet.  I finished breakfast and then did my Zumba workout.  Day 3 of exercising in the bag.

Scale this morning said I've lost 3 pounds - I don't believe it, but it's encouraging to see the numbers going down.  Stew's weight is down as well - I guess not eating anything yesterday helps with that.

I told Stew if he was feeling up to it we could go see the Avengers tonight.  He said, "No, I need popcorn."  I told him he could have it if he didn't get it with butter - he told me he has to wait until his mouth heals, oh right, that.  I was talking about dieting.  DUH!  I told him, I thought it was about the diet.  He said, "screw the diet."  HA!

Stew ran over to Target to get more strawberries and whipped cream and he and Steve went to Home Depot to get stuff to continue the yard project.

I worked on some layouts for LOAD.  I'm not going to finish on time, but I'm determined to finish all 31 prompts.

Stew and I priced rubber mulch for under the deck today - yeah, that's expensive.  We might need to find an alternative.

We watched Captain America today.  It was okay but probably my one of my least favorites.  In order from good to bad in my opinion would be:

Iron Man 1, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, Hulk 2, Hulk 1

We're now ready to go see the Avengers.

I had a salad and hard boiled eggs for dinner and realized as I was making my ricotta cheese and cinnamon dessert that instead of using plain cinnamon as I thought in my cereal and dessert, I've been using cinnamon sugar - Opps!  No wonder everything tasted so good.  Even when I try to avoid sugar it sneaks its way in.

We started watching Camelot because Stew's reaction to going to the movies sounded like I was dragging him back to the dentist.

I didn't really care for this show.  I mostly did crossword puzzles.

We also watched the season finale of Revenge.  We both agree that Victoria isn't dead - the show would be stupid to let Madeleine Stowe go - unless they can't pay her or she wants to leave.  I figured that Amanda would be back but I didn't see the pregnancy bit coming.  I couldn't figure out for the longest time how there could possibly be a second season for this, but now we see how they're going to do that.  I'm so glad that they didn't kill off Nolan - he's probably my favorite character.

We got to bed way too late!

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