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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Journal: May 20, 2012

Woke up this morning and did some more organizing in the scrap room and then went back to bed.  Got up around 11AM.  Stew asked me if I was turning into him.  As if.

We spent some time figuring out what we were going to do today since we missed the airshow.  I called Phill to see if they wanted to go to the carnival - turns out he was going to go play baseball with some friends and we decided that we'd meet him at the ball field and then go to the carnival.

Saw Steve and Nick there.  Steve's supposed to come up this week to do some yard work.  I really hope that he does, have to catch up with him.

I spent some time talking with Christina and some of her friends.  One of her friends, they call him Little ___ since his first name is the same as GEP, he's hilarious.  He was playing baseball with GEP and Stew and he was pitching - waiving off pitches and warming up the ball.  While batting he'd fix his hat and gloves.  Just too, too funny.  He and GEP had a great time.

GEP's tooth that was loose last week fell out and the tooth fairy came - gave him $5, what the hell.  Christina said that the tooth fairy told him that's a first tooth only fee - HA.

After ball playing we headed to Phill's.  Christina was getting ready for a dance recital - and Phill was going to iron her pants.  I did that instead.  Reminded me of my mom ironing my clothes for me. 

Then it was off to the carnival.  GEP and Phill got on the first ride - a crazy, spinning one and I think it upset the little man's stomach a bit.  He was a little eserved about going on other rides from that point on.  He loved the games.  In fact, he was more interested in playing games than the rides.  He did like the slide and the Firehouse like obstacle course.  He went on the slide twice and the obstacle course like three times.

The cotton candy wasn't very good, but I did get a snowcone.  The candy apple wasn't that great either - they burned the caramel.  We did score Christina some funnel cake - I hope that was better.

GEP went home with an armful of stuffed animals.  A shark, a bunch of seahorses, a hammer, a Tucan and a bear.  He was happy.  Had a potential crisis though - when we left the dining area after eating, we left all of his prizes there.  Uh oh.  Phill ran back and got them - crisis averted.  GEP was none the wisesr.

GEP and Stew won at the same time at the clown balloon pop - so GEP had a chance to get a bigger prize, but he didn't want it, he wanted to keep all of his seahorses.

Stew and I went to ride the ferris wheel we rode on our first date but because there weren't enough people on it to balance it, the operator wouldn't let us ride in the same car - well, I didn't want to ride it separately, so we didn't get on it at all.  Oh well, maybe next year.

I did get pictures of it though - love how it looks with the stormy clouds coming in.

 All in all an awesome anniversary.  Fun time with family - can't think of a better way to spend it.

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