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Friday, May 11, 2012

Fast Fact Friday

1.  How did you get to school?
Early in my school career my grandfather took me.  Then I walked and rode the bus.  In high school, Rachel started driving and she would take me to school.

2. What was your favorite first day of school?
Probably eleventh grade - during the summer between 10th and 11th grades, I cut all my hair off and got contact lenses.  No one recognized me.

3. What was an embarrassing moment you had in school?
First quarter of sixth grade - the whole time was embarrassing due to my social situation at home.   We were living without electricity and hot water for bathing and opportunities to use the washing machine were scarce.  I wore the same clothes many days in a row and couldn't always bathe - so shaving and things didn't always happen.  It was the lowest point in my life.
4. Who was your favorite teacher?  (Why?)
Ms. Watson for sixth grade English.  I transferred to Deep Creek Middle right after the first quarter of sixth grade.  That quarter at Stemmers Run Middle was the worst of my academic career due to what I said above.  Even though my grades from the first quarter were awful - I mean I failed English, Ms. Watson had faith in me.  She encouraged me and restored some of the self confidence I lost during that horrific time at Stemmers.  She led me on the right path and I'll never forget her for it.

5.  What was your favorite school lunch?
In high school I had the same thing for lunch every day.  Tastycakes Kandy cakes and chocolate milk.

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