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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Journal: May 29, 2012

Another pretty boring day around here. 

I entered all of my May time for work - goodness that takes a long time when you don't stay up on it.  I think I said that last month, too.  You'd think I would learn, yeah...anyway...I'm really, really tired today.

Weird thing happened this morning.  It was on my to do list to call the dentist office since I knocked out my temporary crown on Sunday, well before I had a chance to call them, they called me.  Mostly to tell me that Stew can go back to wearing his new mouthguard now.  That the sockets from pulling the wisdom teeth should be pretty much healed.  That means I'll get to sleep back in our bed tonight.  He'd gone back to using that old mouthguard - my word, sawing wood all night long.

They were able to fit me in around lunch time to replace my temporary crown.  Didn't take but a few minutes for her to glue it back in there.  She said to not be surprised if I'm seeing them again before they put my real crown on.  Oh goodie - I love the dentist.

That's basically the gist of what's going on around these parts today.  I made chicken and string beans for dinner.  Stew had a baked potato, but was good and put no sour cream on it.  I put some vinegar on my green beans and just a small amount of barbecue sauce on my chicken.

I called the salon first thing this morning to make an appointment.  Going to get these grays covered now.  Will do that tomorrow.

After dinner it was Highlander for us and then bed. 

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