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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Journal: May 4, 2012

Didn't sleep that well last night.  Insomnia is still kicking my butt.

After Stew went to work, I went downstairs and checked all my websites.  I received four comments on my Flyers layout that I posted for LOAD.  I really need to stop comparing myself to other crafters.

The challenge of the day today for LOAD was sense of sound.  I did a layout about the call of the Bald Eagle using my picture from the Eastern Neck Wildlife Sanctuary.  I finished it, but not until like 1:30AM - oh well, it got done, that's all that's important.

Had our Friday morning staff meeting.  Nothing much going on there.  I organized my work desk - I really need to figure out a way to corral all of the paper - what needs to go downstairs goes downstairs on a regular - read daily - basis.  I also need to figure out how to keep all of my digital stuff together.  I just use too many computers - that's what it is.

I did some thinking today about my scrap spending.  I think from now on with the exception of the few kit clubs to which I still subscribe, I'm just going to use whatever reimbursement money I get and call it a day.  That way it won't take money out of our checking account.

I found the list I made when Stew and I first started dating about what we did.  It's fun to look back and see what those early days were like.  We were much more active then - I wonder what the hell happened.  We got married and lazy!  That's what happened.

I saw the new Nordic Track on tv last night and did some research on it today.  It's $2000 - ACK.  I really want it though.  I'll have to get that onto the budget planning.

I didn't eat breakfast until 11AM today - that's just not good.  I had peanut butter and apple butter on wheat toast, a small orange juice and a Gala apple.  Galas are one of my favorites.

We had a meeting today to review the results of the CRA survey that we all took a few weeks ago - there was one constant theme:  Thank me and pay me.  I volunteered for the training committee - we'll see how that works.

I didn't get anything in the mail today.  Boooo.

Everyone on my friend's list on facebook who I met through Stew is agog with the new Avengers' movie.  I might actually have to go see that - only thing is, there are a bunch of movies leading up to it that I haven't seen.  I need to watch them first, which lead to Stew's mission for the evening.  After he got home I sent him out to find all of the movies that need to be watched before Avengers.  We owned some of them, but he was off to Best Buy to find the rest.  While he was out doing that, I finished cleaning.  Well, I didn't finish the game room or the scrap room but the rest of the house is clean.  I'm happy about that.  I love when the Top Gun song (Danger Zone) comes on while I'm cleaning - I need music.  It really pumps me up to do things.

Stew got home successful from his mission and with Bertucci's pizza in hand.  Yummy.  I took a shower and then we snuggled in for Friday night tv night.

We watched the Big Bang Theory - I love Sheldon, but this was a good Leonard episode (5/3/12) - Howard on the other hand can go to space and stay there.

Some funny dialogue from the show:

Bernadette's dad:  My partner had that nut allergy.  He's dead now.
Howard:  From the nuts?
Bernadette's Dad:  No, his wife shot him.  She was nuts.

We watched Criminal Minds, Vampire Diaries and Person of Interest - I love Person of Interest.

I wasn't that sleepy when bedtime came so Stew went up to bed and I shot some video in the craft room (had to finish my layout for LOAD).

I have to be at the salon in less than 8 hours - Yawn.

Going to do lots of scrapping with Mom and Laura for National Scrapbooking Day.  Can't wait. 

Some pictures from today:

This pile of crap has been sitting in my office forever, or as WTK would say, "for EVER."  My goal today was to get rid of it, put it away - I'm happy to say the piles are gone.

Oh my poor neglected gym shoes.  We have a date in the very near future - I promise.

While listening in on a conference call I did my nails.  I think my nails are way too short for color, but I did it anyway.  I'm not one of those people who loves to paint nails and do those types of girlie things - I mean, maybe if I was better at it, maybe if my nails grew out - but that doesn't happen.  This polish was removed within a day.

I come downstairs and this is what I find - Stitch wearing one of my bras - on his head no less.  Too damn funny!

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