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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Journal: May 16, 2012

Had to get up at 3 home time to make my plane - going to be a long day, especially since I have a study team meeting at 5PM.

Got the airport in plenty of time and it was a breeze getting through customs.  Funny thing about Halifax airport is the main walk way to the gates takes you through the Duty Free shop.  Pretty good idea.  Since I was in there and the woman was super nice, I thought I'd ask about the maple candies that Toni wanted me to pick up for her.  The woman showed me many different kinds.  I picked up two.  Hopefully, one of them is what Toni wanted.  If not, I'll be back in Canada on Friday - so no big deal there.  I also picked up a Kit Kat bar for Stew - it was weird shaped, very different from the ones we have here. 
The flight was good.  Spent the whole flight talking to this gentleman that sells hospital air filters.  I'm not normally one for chit chat while flying but I had quite an enjoyable time.

There was a little boy in front of us on the plane between the ages of 3 and 4.  He was funny.  During take off he was saying, "I'm so scared, I'm so scared...ohhh, look the trees look like ants."  Then after we landed, we were watching some planes take off and he said to his dad, "I know how they work now.  They run, run, run and then they take off and then they crash."  Dad said, "No, no, no crash."

Kids are funny.

Only one thing about flying - always right down where you park at the airport.  I had the section and number, but umm, the floor is important too.

It was nice to see the American flag waving - I was happy to come home.

I left the Philly airport at 9 and would have made it home in an hour but went to Michael's instead.  Wanted to buy the organizers I need for all the stuff I bought at the lady's home sale last week.  I think they'e work.  We'll see.  I'm not so sure now and I need to read the advertisements better.  I thought it said all Martha Stewart things were 50%, no they were buy one get one 50% off.  Damn - spent way more money than I wanted to.

I talked to Stew on the phone all the way from the airport to the store.

I drove home with my heart in my throat sweating over the fuel in the car wondering if I was going to make it to the gas station.  I did, with a half of a gallon of fuel to spare - I hate getting fuel.

I got home and jumped right into work.  Did my trip report and took care of most of the issues that came up.  I sorted out the voice mail problem, but not the VPN problem - I'll have to call IT on that one.

I caught up on all of my internet blogs and things and had my 5PM team meeting which lasted an hour and a half.

Stew had the lovely news that MD is raising taxes - I thought that this was pretty inevitable, though Stew things if we file separately, we won't be affected.  Our combined salary meets the criteria for the hike in taxes but our individual salaries do not - I guess I'll just worry about that next year.  Not much we can do about it now.

Stew made dinner while I was on my conference call.  Ravioli with ghetto garlic bread - so yummy.

After dinner I was exhausted, so Stew and I retired to the family room to watch some tv.

Started with Blue Bloods.  At one point, the police captain tells his PR guy, "you're late."  The PR guy replies, "It's Saturday - so technically, I'm a day and a half early."  There was great cinematography in this episode.

Watched Person of Interest - we love this show and it was an awesome episode.

We missed the season finale of How I Met Your Mother.  The DVR didn't record it.  Apparently, Barney's bride is revealed.  We'll have to download it from itunes or something.

We watched the two hour season finale of Criminal Minds.  I want Garcia and Morgan together - damn it.  Why don't they listen to me?  She deserves better than that nerd who will always be Zander to me.  Prentiss is leaving again - I hope for good this time.  She adds nothing to the show.  This episode was good but I don't think they did a good job explaining why the unsub is a psychotic bitch.  I get being pissed at your government, but that makes you a killer like that?  The best part was when Morgan was fighting with the unsub and here comes The Hotch and just shoots him - awesome.

We watched Revenge - they're setting up for the season finale.  I hope it's better than the Criminal Minds one.

Stew and I checked on the eaglets - Momma had just brought them food so they were eating.

I did some crossword puzzles before bed.

I had some trouble falling asleep but went to sleep eventually.  One day at home before turning around and heading back to Canada.

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