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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Journal: May 23, 2012

After going to bed on time last night - lights out at 10:10, I fell right to sleep, then woke up a little after 1 and forced myself to go back to sleep.

Stew woke me up when his alarm went off at 5 and I got up and did Zumba.  I didn't like the program I choose today.  Some of the dances don't make any sense to me but I got the workout done and that's the point.

I had my warm peanut butter flax seed cereal for breakfast again - really loving that.

I got in the shower and then played some crossword puzzles before we both went to the dentist.  (Stew worked out this morning too on the treadmill while watching Storage Wars.)

Neither of us really wanted to go to the dentist but it's a necessary evil - so we had to go.  At least we like this dentist, that makes a difference.

The dentist appointments went fine.  Stew had his two bottom wisdom teeth pulled and after drugging me with nitrous oxide, they did two fillings and put a temporary crown in where I lost my permanent one.  Stew had 1 cavity filled, too.  I have to go back in 2 weeks to get my permanent crown and Stew goes back in July for the full cleaning and then hopefully it'll just be maintenance check ups after that.  $1000 in our mouths today.  Oh well, at least FSA will cover it.

Came home and Steve was working in the yard.  He's making incredible progress.  It's unbelievable.

Stew and I didn't really feel like doing anything after the dentist so we settled in the tv room and watched some tv.  We watched the final episode of House.  I thought it was a good way to end the series - in the end he gives up every thing he is to be with his dying friend for the last five months Wilson has to live.  I thought it was good but I'm glad it's over.  It lasted way too long in my opinion, the past few seasons haven't been that great.

I tried to do some work in the scrap room after that - I've completely failed at LOAD this month.  Once again going on the road has thrown a wrench in the plans - I'll try again in October.  I couldn't get motivated to do anything in there, so I went back to the tv room with Stew and we watched some movies.

We watched The Hulk (hawk) with Edward Norton which I thought was a heck of a lot better than the first one but just not my favorite character.

Iron Man II - not nearly as good as the first one but I love Samuel L Jackson and Don Cheadle.  The action sequences were entertaining and there were some really good moments of comedy.

Thor - Could have loved this movie for the eye candy alone.  I liked the story and Anthony Hopkins - I mean, it doesn't get much better - even if he wasn't in it much.  I just don't know how they're going to tie the end of this one into the Avenger Movie.  It almost feels like there should be a Thor 2 before Avengers.

Captain America is the only one left and we'll probably watch that tomorrow and I hope we get a chance to see the Avengers sometime soon.

We went to bed super late because Stew's gums were still bleeding and we thought he probably wouldn't be able to sleep.  Hopefully the bleeding stops soon.

As for eating today, it was harder than yesterday.  Had the corrected breakfast, came home from the dentist and had strawberries with whipped cream.  Way too much whipped cream.  Then it was snacking the rest of the day.  Had a salad, two bowls of ricotta cheese and cinnamon, raspberries, celery and peanut butter and jello snacks.  Not such a good day on the eating front.  I mean, far better than what I used to eat, but still not great.  I think part of the issue is I'm not drinking enough water.  Have to put that back into the routine.

Tomorrow is another day.

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