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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Journal: May 22, 2012

Got up this morning on routine.  Want to get serious about weight loss now so started that today.  Don't like that number on the scale.  I worked out.  Short, intermediate Zumba program.  Loved it.  Did need a 5 hour energy drink before the workout.  Kind of need that when you only get about three hours of sleep.

I'm dressed like an upside down Polish flag today - red shirt and white shorts.  It's oddly fitting that it's upside down.

Tried a new "cereal" for breakfast.  Peanut Butter (natural, no sugar) and flax seed - very good.

My work computer was giving me fits today.  I couldn't log into anything - IT fixed it though, so that was good.

I ordered the DVD organizers for the basement.  Those things are driving me nuts.

I worked on organizing the scraproom some.

Steve came up and started the outdoor work.

Had a salad with ham for lunch.  Probably will need some type of protein with my morning snack because I was starving by lunchtime.  Those blueberries didn't do it.

I made individual stove top lasagna for dinner - that was pretty good.  I didn't have any pasta in mine and barely missed it.  I was supposed to have butternut squash but didn't realize it took that long to cook it.  Will have it for another meal.

So tired after dinner, Steve left and Stew and I crashed in front of the tv. 

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