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Friday, May 25, 2012

Journal: May 25, 2012

Woke up this morning not feeling well - took a sick day.  There were meetings at work today, but my head was spinning.  It might be the low carb thing, I'm not sure, but I feel like crap today.  It could also be that I didn't take my pills yesterday - and I even ate breakfast.  I just didn't feel like pulling them all out and putting them in the pill container - how lazy is that?

Will I ever get back on my routine?  I sure as hell hope so.

Planned on cleaning today - didn't. 

Did have my warm peanut butter, flax seed cereal for breakfast - even without the sugar I still like it.

I did Zumba today.  Did a short program, high intensity - Poison has to be my favorite song.

I had a salad for lunch.

Otherwise, I just played around on the computer.  Organized the computer files and read a lot of blogs.  There was a post about Zen habits by Leo that dealt with the overwhelming nature of keeping up with blogs and the information on the internet - His suggestion was to each day wipe the slate clean, mark everything as read and move forward.  Wipe the to do lists clean and start anew.  Let go of the guilt of what didn't get done yesterday and focus on what needs to get done today.  That's great advice.  Don't know if I will listen to it, but it is great advice.

Stew went to the auction tonight and bought several things he and I wanted.  I stayed home and played in the scrap room.

The heart cryatal is Waterford.  Stew bought the eagle statue for me and got a bin of miscellaneous stuff - in it was the 1978 cookie press.  It was priced at $2.50; also got the two glass platters and the checkerboard cake pan.  He really wanted the lighthouses - they're salt and pepper shakers - Lenox.  I love the ship's wheel and the two cookie servers.  I'm putting the white and black one in the scrap room and will keep the glass one upstairs with all the other glassware.  he did really good tonight.

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