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Monday, May 28, 2012

Journal: May 28, 2012

It seems almost silly to journal on days like today when nothing really happens.  Stew and I were both feeling a bit wiped out this morning when we woke up after the busy weekend we had and I think we were both looking forward to a day at home.  There was some talk about heading to the movies (because honestly, it's gross outside - hot and humid and yuck), but we nixed those pretty quick and decided to just hang around the house.

Stew got caught up on his DVR'ed shows while I played in the scrap room and then we ended the night watching Season 5 of Highlander.  I expect my geek card to arrive in the mail any day now - especially since I suggested that we watch the Star Wars movies only to have to nix that because we don't have the first one (or the 4th one if you're going in chronological release date order).  I told Stew he needs to turn in his geek card, especially since over the weekend we were doing a crossword puzzle and he couldn't remember the catch phrase for Bart.  The answer ended up being DOH - which Stew was indignant about since apparently that's more a Homer catch phrase than one for Bart. I can't believe he couldn't remember it though considering that he wanted to name his first born Dimitrius Oliver - so that the kid's initials would be DOH.

So that was pretty much how we spent Memorial Day.

Much love and many prayers go out to our troops today - without them doing what they do, we couldn't live the lives we do and regardless of politics I think we can all agree that they deserve our full support.

(Only thing to add for today's journal entry.  Official weigh in this morning (6 days after start since I want the weigh in days to be Mondays):  -4 pounds

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