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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Journal: May 5, 2012

Today is National Scrapbooking Day and to celebrate Mom and Laura came down to scrapbook.  They brought WTK with them, too and he hung out with Uncle Stew.  Uncle Stew was awesome enough, too, to run out and get everyone lunch.  Chick Fil A - yummy!

I'm happy to say that we got a lot of scrapping done today.  It was really nice to just sit around the table, bounce ideas off of one another, pick out supplies, think of ways to incorporate things in our layouts and just generally enjoy this craft.  Though I said we weren't going to go shopping - we did head to Joanns - my paper trimmer isn't working that great and having three people scrap with one trimmer really wasn't working - so we headed out to buy some paper trimmers - but that was it.  We came back and got back to scrapping.  Though they hadn't planned on it, Mom, Laura and WTK stayed over so we could stay up later and scrap which we did.  Mom finished some very nice layouts of pictures of birds she took - Pelicans to be exact. 

I ended up not going to the salon.  Roberta, my normal stylist, is out so I decided I'd just call back and reschedule when she's in.

WTK and I had a good time dancing to Life is a Highway.  And he told me on more than one occasion today to "Get out of town" and "You're killing me, Aunt Gina."  Too, too funny. 

Mom told me the story of Stew breaking a window when he was little.  He came in the house afterwards and told her, "You didn't hear anything."  Stew, such a silly boy.  Not much has changed there.

Simply a wonderful day.

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