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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Journal: May 15, 2012

Not exactly the day I had hoped for - woke up late.  Rookie monitoring mistake - relying on the hotel alarm clock.  Bad idea.  Rushed around this morning like a crazy person to get ready.

When I go to check out, I realize I can't find my parking ticket.  The employee at the hotel tells me to not worry about it, he'll just buzz me out.  Oh thank goodness.  As I'm leaving he says, "I hope you catch up to your day."  I told him it sure did start without me so I hope so, too.  The ticket was in the car - sigh.

I got to the hospital where I was to monitor today and parking is a nightmare.  The lot is full and there's a line down the street and around the block.  As one car leaves the lot, the attendant allows another one in.  This must be a normal occurrence as everyone seems to be waiting patiently - except, of course, this girl from Maryland.  I finally get a parking spot and rush to my site.  They're great.  Of course there's no data to review yet, but their chart is in really good shape.  The investigator is super nice and jokes with me about being late and then tells me that my job is to keep his charts organized. 

The visit was a success, getting back to Halifax, however, HA - I got lost.  Found my way a bit later and stopped at McDonalds to get food for the road.

Got fuel.  The price is confusing.  It's 1.295/liter.  I had to put 42.807 liters in the car and it cost $55.44 CA.  I have no idea how to compare that to US gas prices.  My mind is way too tired for that.

My hotel is super close to the airport and there's a race track down the street.  I definitely need to research that and see what that's all about.

This time difference of being ahead of home is weird.

I spent some time tonight putting older journal entries in my current book - I found the old journal I thought I lost forever - it was in our camera bag.  Nice place for it, huh?

Have to get up in about 4 hours to catch my flight back home.  Think it's time to go to bed.

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