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Monday, May 7, 2012

Journal: May 7, 2012

This morning I was supposed to head up to Jersey to meet up with Laura and mom to go to this woman's house who is selling off all of her scrapping supplies.  I woke up late, wasn't feeling that great and then as I was getting ready to leave the roofer guys showed up to deliver the shingles and blocked my car in.  At that point, I figured that universe was trying to tell me something and I stayed home.  Laura rescheduled and we'll try again on Thursday.

Other than that, nothing much happened today.  Just really tired and not feeling well, so rested most of the day.

Hopefully, I'm back to feeling like myself tomorrow.

In some good news though - look at this:

Unbelievable!  Though I'm not getting too excited, seriously - they seem to start out the year good every year and then go to hell.

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