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Friday, May 18, 2012

Journal: May 18, 2012

Man, what a day.

Got up and got packed for my trip to Toronto.  Investigator's meeting tomorrow.

Left the house, went to Walgreens.  Needed nylons, and five hour energy drinks.  They're hard to find in Canada.

Got to the airport on time.  Everything went great there.  Flight was easy, breezed through customs (I know the magic words now - clinical research) and found my taxi with no problem.

The taxi driver was great.  In order to avoid the traffic on the high way, we went through these quaint little Toronto neighborhoods and he gave me some ideas of places to visit if I ever come back for vacation.  Near the end of the cab drive is when everything went to hell.

I couldn't find my wallet.  I had my passport - thank God, I could get home, but my wallet was gone.  The hotel wasn't going to let me check in because I didn't have my credit card.  What a mess.  I tried to call Stew like 10 times but couldn't get a hold of him.  Finally, the woman working check in got a hold of the meeting planner and she okayed my additional expenses so that I could check in.  I had no idea where I left it.  All kinds of things were going through my head until I realized that I bought trail mix on the plane - I never buy anything on the plane, so this was weird for me and did I put my wallet back in my purse?  Nope - put it in the seat back pocket.  Picked up my Kindle but not my wallet.  Stew saves the day.  He calls US Air and they found my wallet.  Dave Smith (as Stew says, doesn't get much more American than that) has it and he's going to be at the airport until 8.

I get changed for the welcome reception dinner and go down and meet every one there, but I'm leaving that so that I can go get my wallet - I know I'll feel better when it's back in my hands.  The meeting planner and the sponsor are great.  Instead of taking a taxi they get one of the Town Cars that they've been using for the meeting attendees to take me back to the airport and bring me back to the hotel.  Get to the airport and after a little bit of confusion about where to find Mr. Smith - I have my wallet in my hand and am on my way back to the hotel.

I get back and finish up the night with the reception.  They had many different stations at the reception for food each with a different ethnic theme and they had a risotto station - I don't think I've ever had risotto, but I know Chef Ramsey yells about it a lot on Hell's Kitchen.  I get some and it's okay.  I couldn't tell you if it was up to Ramsey's specifications or not, but it was okay.

Get back to my room later than I wanted to (actually had a great time interacting with everyone down at the reception) crawl in bed and read before falling asleep.

Very eventful day - I hope that tomorrow goes much more smoothly.

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