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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Journal: May 26, 2012

What an awesome day.  Every Memorial Day cookout at Mom and Dad's has been awesome - but I don't know, there was something about this year that made it even more special and I was so glad to be a part of it.  I woke up this morning in a pretty bad mood - this no sugar thing doesn't give me the greatest of dispositions and considering what I'm like with sugar - yeah...but by the time Stew and I left from being surrounded by family and honestly well before that, my mood was elevated just being around people that I love.

I woke up and did Zumba and then Stew and I headed out pretty early to get to mom and dad's.  Early for Stew on a weekend - you know before noon.  Despite our best efforts to play Tetris with our folding table there was no way it was going to fit in my car and I didn't feel good about tying it to the roof for the long highway drive to mom and dad's - so we decided that we'd buy one up that way.

Turns out, we didn't buy a table at all - made due without it.

We gave Mom the otter pictures that Stew picked up at the auction last night.  She seemed to enjoy them.

And dad wasn't to be forgotten - we found a platter shaped like a fish for him.  It was more just a joke, so imagine my surprise when I saw this platter on the food table holding the shrimp.

I spent a good portion of my time playing with the kids on the water slide.  WTK didn't want to slide into the green section because he doesn't like to get water in his face and GDH only wants to go down on her knees.  She won't lay down on the board.  Further, she can't possibly go down the water slide with dirty hands - so each time she got up, she went to the pool, cleaned off her hands and then came back.  I had GDH, WTK and four of Stew's cousin's children (it was awesome to meet the cute kids that I see pictures of on Facebook) on the slide at one point.  It was difficult sometimes to get the little ones to understand the need to take turns but I'm happy to report that every one had a great time and carnage was avoided.

The rest of my time outside was spent talking with Laura, Kelly, and Aunt Marie - oh yes, Frank was there, too.  Doing what Frank does best - acting like a nut...

All of the food was delicious.  Matt once again prepared my chicken just like I wanted - charred to a crisp.  Thanks, Matt!  Uncle Dennis took part in the cooking as well....

What's the saying about too many chiefs and not enough Indians??
Here's Uncle Stew helping GDH to get her plate together
I kept trying to get her to look at me, but something else was holding her interest.  She'd turn her head my way, but her eyes were somewhere else.
I tried the shrimp to see if my allergy is just contact related or something more.  I figured with the moms around wielding their epi pens and others that know CPR, I was in good shape to try them out and if something went really wrong - Dad offered that I could just be buried in the back yard.  So that would be convenient - with all of that settled, I tried them.  Turns out the allergy must have been contact related.  Those shrimp were good and the cocktail sauce was tasty. I'm happy to say that despite all of the temptation around, I ate the way I'm supposed to.  I had my chicken, some shrimp, fruit, some vegetables and maybe I stole the hot dog and beans off of Stew's plate.  Maybe.  I admit nothing.
I spent some time talking with BMH.  She's becoming such an adult, though honestly, she's in some ways much like her dad.  It took 6 tries to get her to stop doing goofy faces for the camera.  I finally got this shot.

I didn't get to spend too much time with FGH today.  He was over playing on the slip and slide with the kids (though he wouldn't go down it) or he was being entertainment for WTK as WTK chased him around the yard.  In fact, I don't have not one picture of FGH from the day.  That's the second time that's happened during a Memorial Day picnic - I'll have to steal Mom's pictures since I'm sure she got one of him. 
WTK was his normal self during the cook out.  He was responsible for the recycling.  At one point, he called Uncle Tank to come crush the can with his head, which Frank, of course, did - to a certain extent.  Not to WTK's satisfaction though, so Frank had to crush it with his feet to get it totally flat.  I love WTK's little idiosyncrasies. 
Speaking of WTK's indiosyncrasies, Mom had those three section paper plates and Mike made WTK some food and only filled two of them.  When he gave it to WTK, WTK looked at him and said, "But what goes in that one."  Mike had to make his way back to the food table to fill the empty section with some fruit.

I did really good in sharing my littlest one today.  I came prepared knowing that there would be lots of people who would want to hold her - so I pat myself on the back that I didn't stare down people with the look of death when they took her from me.

I did end up with her though.  It was getting a little hot outside for her, so Kelly brought her in.  I fed her and then she napped.  She does something I've never seen babies do.  Normally, at least with all of my kids, when you're holding them and feeding them, they'll just fall asleep in the position that you put them.  Not this child.  She squirms and moves you so she can flail her arms and legs out and sleep the way she wants to.

Stew came inside and was kidnapped by GDH to play.  She took him into the toy room to get toys and when they came out, she told him that they had to go up in the attic so that Basha wouldn't find them.  It was too cute.  They spent a long time on the floor playing with transformers.  At one point, GDH picked up one that was broken and she said, "WTK broke it.  He breaks everything he plays with."  Her daddy had a little chat with her about that.  The part I found funny went something like this:

Matt:  Do you know Will broke that?
Matt:  Then why did you say it?
GDH:  I don't know cause I don't know who broke it.

The rest of it, my aunt ears ignored.

WTK came in and joined them playing after awhile.  I love seeing Stew surrounded by the kids.

On our way home, as we were driving over the Tyding's Bridge - gorgeous sunset.

Some other stories from the day:

  • I finally got to hear the story of the picture of the sea captain that hangs on the wall down in Mom and Dad's basement.  I didn't find the story all that scary, but I can imagine being told the story in the dark as a little kid and then being scared.  Dad said that there are some that won't go in the room where the picture hangs, like the Matt's bestman, Tim.  Dad said that he and some of Stew's cousins refused to sleep in certain rooms if that picture was in it.  In fact, the picture was even mentioned in the best man toast Tim did at Matt's wedding.  I find it hilarious that Mom and Dad are threatening to leave the picture to those that are scared of it.  I'm not sharing the story here - it's family legend.  It will go in the scrapbook though.
  • We were talking about fans since Dad would have three of them going outside today because of the heat and the topic of the bladeless fan came up.  Someone said it was to prevent injuries from people (normally kids, but this is our family, so it's just people in this case) who put their fingers inside the fans housing.  The fan mom and dad have in their living room has a very tight grate over it.  Dad said, "No one is getting their figures in there, not even CEH."  Stew said, "Challenge accepted."
  • Big news in FGH's life recently is he is now a full fledged boy scout.  Very proud of him, though he was honestly being his pre-teen self with his nose in the game boy with no interest in talking to his aunt.  I don't take offense, none at all, not really.  LOL.  He doesn't think they'll ever start selling girl scout cookies though and that's a damn shame because I'm still looking for a supplier for my thin mint addiction.
  • BMH's choral group took first place yesterday in the Music in the Parks competition.  It was a little harrowing getting everyone there - but between the chorus, the orchestra and the band, they took home 5 trophies in all.  Very proud of her as well.
  • GDH was on the rocking horse downstairs and Stew asked her if she knew who else rode the rocking horse.  GDH: yes, Will; Stew: Your daddy; GDH: No, it's just for kids; Stew: your daddy was once a kid; GDH: but he's all grown up now.
  • Another conversation between GDH and Stew - S: Do you like planes?; GDH: yes; S: Do you like jets?; GDH: Yes; S: Do you know any other word than yes; GDH: Yes
  • GDH told Matt and Kelly the other day that she would have to have words with WTK.  Apparently, WTK was over at Matt and Kelly's and he was throwing an all out five year old tantrum over his broken banana so Laura took him home, which left GDH to pick up all of the magnets that WTK had taken off of the fridge.  GDH didn't like that and was going to have words with WTK.  Oh my.  

A great day with family.  Doesn't get any better, honestly.

Stew and I got home and watched some Highlander before heading to bed.  We have another long day in store tomorrow.

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