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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Journal: May 11, 2012

Woke up this morning at 5AM.  It seems that when WTK was playing with it yesterday he turned all of the alarms on.  Thankfully, Stew's alarm had already gone off so it didn't really wake him up.

Before Stew left for work, we did some crosswords.  He was really tired today.

After he left, I worked on getting everything in from the car - lots and lots of stuff.  I still can't believe the incredible deals I got.  I can't wait to play with everything, but it has to wait.  I have a lot to do today.  Too many meets and need to get ready for this trip next week.

Had the morning staff meeting.  They're starting casual Fridays and for a donation you can wear jeans.  I wear jeans every day, so it doesn't matter to me - one of the perks of working from home - but I will probably still donate.

I had my manager meeting - not much to report there, though he did approve my travel to Cincinnati the end of June if I end up doing that.  Everything is up in the air at the moment pending what Shawn ends up doing.

I didn't eat breakfast today until 12:30 - that doesn't work.  I so need to get back on the routine.  I had cornflakes and a banana for breakfast.

I cancelled my counseling and gyn appointments for next week as I'll be out of town.  Rescheduled the gyn, will have to call the counselor back to reschedule.

I took a nap and that was a bad idea.  I felt worse afterwards and still had lots of stuff to do.  I was so tired and felt like crap most of the day.

I really need to get back on track next week with waking up and working out.  Eating right and drinking water.  I feel so much better when I do.

After Stew got home we headed to the store.  We went to the Hallmark store and found a new Stitch figurine - Happy Anniversary to me.

We got mom some tea towels with stitched blue jays, a book of trivia for bird lovers and birdhouse salt and pepper shakers.  Then we headed to the dollar store and picked up wrapping paper, a sugar shaker for storing my twine, and some trays for our bathroom because I'm sick to death of those baskets in there.

Walking back to the car a guy parked in a handicap spot taking up two spaces (no plates or placard of course).  I told Stew it was an example of the guy's douche-ism.

We were working on figure out what we wanted to eat and Stew has a new app on his phone called Urban Spoon - I told him it was like playing Russian roulette with my food.  No thank you.  I told him we were going on Carsin's.

He mentioned that he always forgets about that place and about Durango's too.  Remembering that I really liked Durango's quesadillas we headed there and come to find out, Stew ordered a steak - we could have just gone to Carsin's.  The mozzarella sticks were really good with yummy tomato sauce and the croutons were really good too.  I got a burger.  It was really good.  Stew said that my meal was better than his.  In fact, they made mashed potatoes that even Stew didn't like, so he ordered some french fries.  You know, Stew has to have his favorite food group for dinner - potatoes.  I asked Stew if he saw a dessert menu - he said, no but that he knew where we were going for dessert.  So we headed up to Brewster's for some ice cream.  Vanilla shake for Stew, strawberry ice cream with sugar cone for me.

We got home and watched Criminal Minds - not a good episode.  Come on, stick to the formula:  Murder, solve murder.

We watched NCIS.  A couple of funny quotes from the episode.  Tony:  Abby scares me more than you (to Jimmy).  Having found that someone put a listening device in one of the agent's teeth, Ducky says:  I guess someone thinks he's more interesting than we do.  The team gets out of the car to catch a suspect who is running on foot - Stew says, "you're in a car."

We also watched the Big Bang Theory and The Vampire Diaries - it looks like they turned Elana into a vampire - how dumb.

Stew was walking in the family room and tripped over his own shoes.  He says, "I fail at life."

And a story from yesterday that I forgot - apparently, I don't say Hulk correctly.  I say it like the bird Hawk.  Oh well, that's my Bmore speak for you.

Stew went to bed at a normal hour - my stupid ass stayed up until 4:30.  Was I doing anything productive?  Nope - organizing shit in the craft room.  Great!

Looks like it's going to be a long day at PAM and PEM's birthday party.

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