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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Journal, March 31, 2012

The day started way too early for it being a Saturday, but I guess in trying to get this routine embedded in my brain, it's good to wake up at the same time every day (grumble, grumble, grumble).

Did my Zumba class - on a Saturday, no less.  Whoohooo, go me.

Then after having breakfast, showering and getting ready, hopped in the car for the drive up to Laura's to go to the scrapbook store's closing sale.  Needless to say, no GPS, no Stew, I'm lost as hell.  Granted I didn't print out directions or anything before I left, I just thought I'd remember.  I don't know who I thought I was when I walked out of the house, but direction efficient I am not.  So after two calls to Laura and one to Stew, I finally get there.

My little WTK is laying on the couch with the iPad watching youtube videos and he wants nothing to do with getting up and saying hi.  So tickling him was in order.  This kid has the life.  He's laying on the couch and his father asks him what he wants for breakfast.  WTK replies, "What do we have?"  According to Mike they have the same thing every morning.  WTK requests cereal and it is brought to him with his cup of whatever he was drinking.  Now that's what I call service.  I should have asked Laura if Mike is so accommodating to her or if only the kid gets this kind of treatment.  LOL.

Remember the story from Friday's journal about WTK and the stickers - here's the proof.  The wall in Laura and Mike's living room.  Unfortunately, the pigs keep falling down and the little stinker didn't want me to take his picture.


I got one anyway.  He was turning around and surprise - gotcha!

 Here's his all of art.  I couldn't get him to do crafts and according to Laura he won't do them for him, but at school - he creates.  I guess if he's going to do what's asked of him anywhere, school's a good place for that.

Done with the camera (for now, come on you guys know me) turns out Mom is going to the sale with us.  Well, had I known that I could have just picked her up during my journey - considering I sort of ended up at her house instead of Laura and Mike's.

Mom arrives and we're off.  I'm excited I've heard lots of awesome things about sales like this.  Of course, I'm a little sad about the fact that yet another local scrapbooking store is closing, but I'm all about a deal if I can find one.  I didn't.  The sale was a bust and if the merchandise she had available during this sale was any indication of what she carried in her store, no wonder she went out of business.  Now granted, all of the good stuff might have already been sold or given away and I hope that's the case because what remained.  Not so good.  Mom found some stickers and Laura found some goodies.  I bought a stamp, an idea book and some vellum.

The decision about what to do next was a long one.  The weather made things difficult because really who wants to do an Easter Egg hunt in the rain.  Yeah, yeah, you're right, the kids wouldn't mind at all, but me, yeah, they're not letting me find any eggs, so I'm not interested in being out in the rain or surrounded by other people's children.  So, after mom mentioned that she had made brownies on Friday night that was enough arm twisting for me.  Laura and WTK were off to the Easter Egg hunts, though not before playing the wiggle game.  Laura tries to put his shoes on him and he wiggles his feet so that she can't all while saying "wiggle, wiggle, wiggle."  It's quite cute.

Mom and I were off to Mom's house so I could torture dad and I could have some brownies.  We decided we'd meet up later for dinner and even though I didn't go to the Easter Egg hunt, that didn't mean that I didn't get pictures...Laura took my camera and brought me back some cuties.

WTK and the Chick Fil A cow

 And with the Easter Bunny - there were two other little girls in this picture, but I don't know who they are so I edited them out.  (Laura did get pictures with him by himself with the Easter Bunny, but he's not looking at the camera - big surprise!)

WTK had a great time playing with this fish.  Apparently, the magnet that the kids use on the glass cleans it, but after being exposed to this for some time, the fish now follows the magnet.

Found one...

This one was found in the shovel - the shovel was full of sand.  Didn't deter our little WTK, he just dumped the shovel in his bucket, sand and all.

I think I'll take a rest right here...

This is much more convenient than walking...

Laura got him to not only look at the camera but to smile.  No wonder this weather is so weird.

Oh look, WTK found Uncle Stew's dinner

and Aunt Gina's too.

Or maybe Uncle Stew would prefer this (do we eat roosters or hens - I have no idea.)

Now it's time for a nap.  This looks like a comfortable place.

Holy cow - frame this one, eyes and a smile.

As for me, while WTK and his mom were off on this little adventure.  I twisted dad's arm to go to The Blue Claw.  Oh yeah, first crab of the year...(they clean them for you in Jersey....)

Dad and I had kind of a crabby day.  I had crab soup and crabs at The Blue Claw, then we went home and made crab cakes.

Dad enjoying his crab cakes...

Spent the rest of the day hanging out with mom and dad.  Had more than my share of the brownies.  Ate crab cakes throughout the day.  Made a trip to Target with Mom and Laura while WTK stayed home with dad.  I don't know who we were more worried about misbehaving, Dad or WTK - yeah, right right, it was Dad.  WTK spent most of his time playing with the coin sorter.  He loves this thing.

Speaking of which, when Laura was getting him ready to go and finally got him to put all of the coins away (which he was so not happy about), WTK went around to everyone in the room to ask if he could play with the coin sorter.  Apparently, he didn't like his mom's opinion on the matter.  HAHA.  And, Dad, he is an evil, evil man.  WTK has it all put away and Dad comes in the room and asks, "Who wants to play with the coin sorter?"

Some little man didn't want to put his coat on when it was time to go.  So Mom and Laura double teamed him and though it was put on backwards, haha, it was put on....

And even after he gets the coat put on.  It's back to the coin sorter.  Laura would drag him across the floor by his feet away from it and he'd crawl back to it and then that would happen again.  The kid is obsessed with these things. (Of course I always thought he was calling it a coin shooter, not sorter - oh well...)

I left shortly after Laura and WTK did.   Long drive home and past my bed time.  Got caught up with Stew when I got home and crashed.

Stew's Day:  Rested for the most part.  The cough is still getting to him, but there's not much to do about that.  He took a nap for about an hour.  Watched some tv.  Found a new show to watch.  It's called Auction Kings and follows an auction house in Georgia.  He watched Clash of the Titans and thought it was pretty good.  He's going to wait for the DVD to come out for the new one.  He beat my score on Mahjong.  Ass.  He did say it took him a couple of tries.  Oh, only a couple.  He still hasn't beat my search a word score - so there!  He ordered Pat's for dinner and got Ziti.  Hated it.  I said, "didn't you get that before and not like it."  He replied, "Hope springs eternal."  LOL.

Here's the crustacean Laura and WTK got for Dad.  WTK has named it Fred.

And look - I did get a picture of him playing with the stickers on the wall.  It's an iphone photo so I must have been stealth about it, but I got him.

Random stories from today (I love hearing stories about my kids)
  • Mom and dad took GDH to the park the other day and she was climbing up the ladder.  Having gotten to the top, she stops, looks at dad and says, "Now I can climb to the top bunk of the bed at the big house."  She hasn't forgotten the bunk beds at the house down at LBI where mom and dad spend a month during the Fall and we all crash at various times while they're there.
  • Dad told GDH that she sure talks a lot.  She said, "I have to talk a lot because I have a lot of words."
  • WTK's class has a class pet - it's a fish.  All of the kids put in their choice of what to name the fish and then a vote was taken.  WTK's choice won.  The fish is named Chipper.  We were surprised it wasn't recycling truck or trash truck, but were pleased that it was a name that the fish could live with - I suppose.  A fish and a wood chipper...shudder.
Some other things that happened today

  • Stew found yet another show he thinks he might like to watch.  It's called Auction Kings.  I told him, "You haven't liked that many of the auction type shows you've found."  He said, "yeah, well, hope springs eternal."
  • The Flyers lost in the shoot out.  I don't care what anyone says, that goalie sucks and he's not going to get us through the playoffs.
  • Kahne's on the pole for this weekend's race, which Stew said may mean that he'll just crash faster.
  • Stew watched Clash of the Titans - said it was pretty good.
  •  And the bastard beat my score on Maj Jong - though he was kind of nice about it and said, "well, it took me a couple of tries."
  • We had Pat's for dinner - Stew got the ziti - not so good.

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