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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Journal: April 5, 2012

Well, at least I worked out today...and that's the only really productive thing I can say about today.

I've been doing Zumba for awhile now, always the low intensity, short program and I think now it's getting a little too easy, which is exactly what I want.  I'll have to see about going up on it.  Wonder if I should do low intensity, medium length program or mid intensity, short program.  I'll have to think about that a bit.  My very uncoordinated body is learning these moves - how crazy is that?

Stew and I made pizza for dinner and had another tv night.  What a time suck, but I'm just so tired lately.  Insomnia is rearing her ugly head.  She sucks, I'll tell you that.

Stew downloaded my Japanese puzzle game on his phone - AWESOME.  I love that game.  Though sometimes my brain is just too tired to figure it out.

Hopefully, tomorrow is a better, more productive day.

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