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Friday, April 27, 2012

Fast Fact Friday

1.  How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Let's just say I have more pairs of shoes than I need.  I haven't gone on a shoe buying binge for quite some time, probably since I started scrapbooking - I'd rather spend my money elsewhere now, but I still own many more shoes than I wear.  I'd say at least 75 pairs.

2.  How many times did you have to take the driver’s test before you passed?

I had to take the driving part of the test twice.  The first time I failed the 3 point turn.  Nailed the parallel parking, but 3 point turn - yeah, hit the curb.  The written test I only had to take once.

3.  How many schools did you attend?

Not as many as you might thinking considering how many times we moved when I was growing up.  Luckily, we moved in the same area quite often.  For elementary school, I attended 5 schools, then middle and high school - 1 each.

4.  How many siblings do you have?

I have four younger brothers.

5.  How many states have you been to?  (Or provinces, whatever they have in your country!)

How many states have I been to, or how many states have I visited - the number is different regardless of what Stew says.  Since I travel for work, I don't consider going to a state solely for work to be visiting.  I have visited 11 states plus DC to vacation and I've been in 31 states plus DC for work.

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