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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Journal: April 7, 2012

Today, Stew and I headed up to NJ to Matt and Kelly's to celebrate GDH's 4th birthday.

While getting ready, I asked Stew to go downstairs and grab my flat iron for my hair out of the drawer in the bathroom marked "hair."  He came back upstairs and said, "There is no drawer marked hair."  I asked him how much he wanted to bet - unfortunately, he knows better than to bet on my organizational skills.  I walked him downstairs and showed him the drawer.


For GDH's birthday, I made her card and decorated her gift in plain gift wrap and added punched flowers to it.  We got her an easel that was on her gift list.

 Guess who had Ms. CEH when we arrived...

Someone else wanted CEH's attention, too.  WTK just loves this little one, he's constantly paying attention to her and giving her kisses.  I think this means he needs to be a big brother.  Mike, oh Mike!!!

 I'm happy to report that the birthday banner this year included all necessary letters.

Such a gorgeous birthday girl.

Grace was very eager to start opening her presents - I think that's pretty common for four, huh?  HAHA.

While GDH was doing that, WTK was doing what he does - he was helping with the trash.

 Uncle Stew and GDH making funny faces.

Sleeping on Basha - pretty oblivious to all of the noise.

I, of course, got my turn with the baby.

CEH got lots of kisses today - here her big sister is doling out the love.

Blowing out the candles.

Searching for Easter eggs.

The kids had fun outside having an impromptu sports day.  WTK was playing t-ball.

While GDH was  playing football with Dzadziu

Stew and I left a little early (so we missed the egg dying) because we're going back up to Jersey tomorrow.

On our way home we stopped at the grocery store and then once we got home we watched some of Parking Wars - what a bizarre show.  Doesn't give me much hope for humanity.

Long and wonderful day with family.  Going to turn around and do it all again tomorrow.

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