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Friday, April 20, 2012

Fast Fact Friday

1.  One of the most thoughtful people I know is ________________.

2.  I would someday like to be as organized as ________________.

3.  _______________ is the most talented person I know!

4.  If I could pick one of my greatest heroes (or heroines) it would be _____________.

5.  ________________ is the most amazing super-mom (or dad) that I know!

Not going to answer any of these questions as quite honestly these answers can change in a matter of minutes.  Every person in my life has a special place and at any given moment they could be the most talented person I know, my greatest hero or the most amazing mom or dad.  I would say that my mom is my all time hero and was  a super mom.  And Stew's parents are are super parents.  The rest, well, it just kind of depends on the day.

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