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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Journal: April 29, 2012

That nap I took yesterday really did me in as far as sleeping last night went.  I spent time organizing my scrap space and then at 4:30am, I couldn't keep my eyes open any more - went to sleep on the cot bed downstairs.  That thing is not comfortable at all.  I slept for about two hours and then continued playing in the scrap room.

I did some research into having my own domain name and website as well as looking at some schools that offer design degrees online.  Harford Community College actually has a program for an AA, but it's in person.  The other schools are online but expensive and as this is something I want to do just kind of for me and not really as a career change, I can't see putting out that kind of money.

Stew got up about 9:30.  He didn't sleep well because of a headache and he couldn't go back to sleep so we sat for awhile and figured out what we wanted to do today.  We searched on the Harford County website and found two things - an old covered bridge and the large waterfall at Rock State Park.  We printed directions for both and got ready.

We headed to Rock State Park first and walked along the bank of the river for awhile.  There was a guy downstream from us fly fishing.  We don't know if he caught anything but the whole scene was very "A River Runs Through It."  Stew suggested stealing whatever fish he had caught - and he's supposed to be the nice one amongst us.

We definitely think it would be a good place to bring dad.

We then drove over to the parking lot for the King and Queen seat.  We hiked there and did some rock climbing.  I'm glad Stew and I both wore our hiking shoes - we would have been slipping all over the place.

The top of the rock formation was amazing (and maybe just a little scary - especially to be up there with the clutz who can't walk).

There was a natural playground made from tree trunks and such - they even constructed a huge bird's nest and a table and chair set.  We don't think they are done with this area because they had a whole lot of Bamboo branches on the ground.

We left the park after that and drove around Northern Harford County.  We never did see the waterfall or the covered bridge - oh well, they'll still be there.  We did see some amazing houses and farms and other sites.  We were on some non paved roads for a long time - totally out in the country.  We saw chickens, goats, lots of cows, horses, even a llama.

Stew had to laugh several times as we were driving because we're on a road that basically could fit one car comfortably and then we'd see signs that said, "Road Narrows."  How much narrower could it get?  You're kidding, right?

While driving around Stew spotted a yard sale so we stopped to look around - we ended up buying three glasses pieces and were shocked to find out how close we were to PA - I'm talking within walking distance.

We met a nice couple that was telling us about their auction finds and told us about a festival that is held up that way in early July - sounds like something we would be interested in so we're going to keep it in mind.

We had pizza at a local pizza place there and Stew liked it.  I thought it was okay - they did have fountain Barq's though - that was yummy.  The iced tea tasted like it was brewed last year.

The scrapbook store in the shopping center was closed - lucky Stew - he's even luckier because I could never find my way back there.  That store has no idea what kind of sale they missed today.

Back in the car and we ended up at Eden Mill - looked at the catepillars in the Butterfly Habitat and saw two turtles in the little pond.  One was on a rock sunning himself; one would pop his head out of the water and as soon as either of us spoke, he would get spooked and huddle back down in the mud.

We saw several birdhouses constructed by local troops along the path as we walked up to the small dam.

It was a pretty sight.

Visited the nature center and they had lots of stuffed animals inside - like not teddy bear stuffed, like used to breath at one time stuffed.  They even had an otter.  I told Stew it was a good thing we didn't bring mom - she would have made off with that.

There was a bee hive inside the center (enclosed in glass) but it was interesting to watch the bees inside of it.

There was a box turtle with whom I made friends. I sat down on the floor next to his cage and he came right up to me and stayed there for the longest time.  I guess he thought I was going to feed him - poor guy.

Did more driving and ended up in Hereford and Parkton before making our way back home.

Went to Outback for dinner - mange margarita.  Yum. Got to see the Flyers win in over time.  We arrived when it was 3-2 in the third - we got to groan when they scored and be elated and then defeated when Briere kicked it in, then celebrate again after Briere scored for real.  One of Stew's facebook friends noted, "Hat Trick for Briere - but only two counted."

For the first time ever, ordered dessert - even if it was to go.

Stew and I got home exhausted.  WE went through the pictures Stew took in Kansas - 50 thousand of the museum he went to, not so many of people.  I'm never going to learn him.

We watched Supernatural and were upstairs at 9 for our routine.

It was a long and wonderful day.

I checked the Eaglets at dinner - the waitress went nuts asking us questions about it and telling us that she was a teacher and that she and her students have been watching the eagles since before they hatched.  Stew left her a nice tip - so nice that I questioned if he was feeling okay - he told me, "She's a teacher."  Very good, sir, very good!

As I'm writing this, Stew is looking at craigslist listings - there's one ad for a Credenza.  The guy states that it's fireproof because he filled it with cement.  Oh boy!

Eaglets were sleeping when I checked on them before bed - they were eating while Stew and I were at dinner.

I'm so tired I think I'm going to sleep well tonight.  Have to go help Stew with a crossword puzzle before I get to sleep.

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