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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Journal: April 17, 2012

Woke up and did my Zumba workout.  It's still kicking my butt and I'm still loving it.

 I think the calories burned is way over estimated - but I like the number.

I had what is turning out to be my normal breakfast.  Natural peanut butter, natural apple butter, and whole wheat bread, a boiled egg and water.  It's yummy and keeps my full until lunch.

I did some decorating in my office today.  Mom bought me this monkey cling for Christmas and I hung it and the butterflies on the wall I face while I work.  You can also see my mood indicator - it's monkeys too - you're not surprised are you?

Stew got home from work and we headed to Bel Air. 

Stew in the car:

Me in the car:

We started at Sears because Stew needed some new jeans - so we got him 3 new pairs and while we were there they were having a sale on his work shirts.  So we picked him up 5 new workshirts (and yes, I made him try every one of them on individually before we took them to the cleaners - turns out 4 of them fit, 1 of them doesn't; however, my husband seems to take the tags off of clothes before he tries them on.  What???  Yep, that's what I thought, too - so now I have a nice men's workshirt I can wear around the house as a dress.).  Now he has 4 different color striped shirts which is good since I'm sick of seeing him in the same damn things - he doesn't care, but I sure do.

After Sears - we went to Joann's.  Stew buys a lawn ornament for Denneal's Grave every year before he goes out to Kansas - this year it was a frog.  Not exactly what he wanted and definitely doesn't beat last years - but he was happy with it.  I looked around the scrapbook section while I was there, but I walked out of Joann's with nothing - can you imagine?  There's a first time for everything.

We went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner.  Stew got the meat loaf - he said it was just okay.  I got the spaghetti squash. 

It was so not what I wanted, but it was okay.  It fit my calorie requirements.  I checked the calories on those damn mini cupcakes they have - yeah, that wasn't fitting in the day's total either, so passed on those.  I have to keep remember - nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.

After Ruby Tuesday, we went shopping at Wegmans.  I freaking love that store!

Got home, watched some tv and headed to bed.

One last picture for today.  This is what Stew's socks looked like after he took them off:

I mean, they're on the floor, that's my fault since I haven't put the laundry away, but don't normal people throw their clothes in the pile or something....not my Stewbert - laid out flat, in just the manner he took them off.

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