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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Journal: April 22, 2012

Woke up very early with Rachel so she could get home to head to West Virginia with her parents to see her Aunt Pauline.

I went to bed after that and woke up to find Mom and Laura in the kitchen making breakfast.  I just love that I have such close family members that they feel comfortable enough to do that - I never want that to change.  With my friends and family, my front door is open.  Come in, make yourself at home and stay awhile.  I love it.

Mom, Laura and I tried the Ugli fruit that Stew and I bought at Wegman's this week.  The guy at the store said it was the best thing he ever tasted despite its appearance.  Well, I don't know all about that - mom and I both agreed that though it was by no means bad tasting it didn't have a lot of flavor.

I spent a good portion of the morning talking with mom and Laura and then they headed home.  Laura's missing WTK, I'm sure.  Mom's not missing Dad so much.  HA!

After they left, I jumped in the shower and then went down to try to organize the scrap room - AGAIN.  It's a never ending thing.  I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed with it to be honest, but all of my progress was stalled when I ran out of clips for the embellishment hangers.  Okay, done for the day!

I then puttered around the house.  I took a nap.  Tried to watch the race - how freaking boring and I read.

I was tired early and went to bed even before Stew made it home.  He got in late and I woke up long enough to say hi and went back to bed.  I'll hear all about his trip tomorrow.

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