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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Journal: April 18, 2012

Got up this morning and worked out though I seriously didn't want to.  I'm glad I forced myself to do it though.  It kind of means more to me on these types of mornings.

Then my ADD got the best of me and I cleaned out the laundry room.  This is what Stew means when he yells, "Squirrel."  I'll go in a room to do one thing, get distracted by something shiny, or in this case, messy and clean it - but then not do or remember what I went in that room for to begin with.  It's nuts sometimes.

The rest of the day I worked and then tonight, Stew and Matt went to see the Flyers game.

They can't go anymore.  The Flyers got romped.  BAD. 

And that's not even the final score - that's just in the second period with 5 minutes remaining.  The game was ugly. 

Stew met Matt at his house and they drove to the game together so Stew got to see GDH.  She was playing with her birthday present when he arrived, complete with her headphones.  She was telling him stories like she is want to do.  She's quite the story teller and quite cute.

G:  Guess what I got.  It has wheels.
S:  A car
G: Nope
S:  A bike
G: Nope
S: A Train
G: Nope
S: A hippo on roller skates
G:  Don't be silly, Uncle Stew

I figure she'll be using that line again and again.

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