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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Journal: April 19, 2012

Got up early this morning and did some more organizing work in the scraproom.  I also printed out pictures of Stew's hands so that the doctor could see the progress that his hands have made since January.

Right hand, left hand from January

Right hand, left hand February

Right hand, left hand March

 I think in the February pictures I used flash and didn't in March - that's why the March right hand picture looks so much worse.

The doctor's visit went well.  The doctor thinks everything is progressing as it should and will see Stew in another three months.  He can swim, without his gloves, as long as he uses sunscreen.  Basically the doctor said he should continue to wear his gloves as much as possible, but also to treat the skin as normal skin.

We then found the accounting office and paid the Hopkins bill.  We got 10% off the bill by paying by the due date.  We saved a whopping $16!

Headed to Pizza Johns for lunch.  Stew got a cheesburger sub - extra american cheese, lettuce, ketchup and mayo.  I had pizza - tried and true, didn't get any grease cup pepperoni's though.

Headed home and started to get Stew ready for his trip tomorrow.  He's off to Kansas and I'm having girls scrapping weekend.

The Philly's game was nuts - We lost in 11.  Lee pitched 10 innings gave up no runs and still lost.  Guess who gave up the winning run - yup, you guessed it - Bastardo.  I hate that guy.  And we still have no hitting.  Shocking!

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