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Friday, April 13, 2012

Journal: April 13, 2012

I woke up this morning hell bent that I would get the windows in this house washed and the siding power washed.  How successful was I?  Well, I would have been more successful if I had remembered how to use the power washer.  Having decided that it was broken, I was off to Home Depot to buy another one.  By the time I returned and figured out that 1.  the old one wasn't broken at all and 2. putting together the new one is a pain in the ass, it was pretty late in the day. 

I did get the front of the house powerwashed and the outside of those windows cleaned.  I also power washed the front step and 1/4 of the driveway.  Dad and Mom arrived and Dad said, "what are you doing?"  I said, "I'm power washing the driveway."  He said, "So you're cleaning the ground."  Way to put things in perspective.

I didn't get as much of the task done as I wanted to between work meetings.  There were three today.  One of which was a survey that we had to fill out while in the meeting.  The survey could have been sent out for our responses and returned, but I think management was concerned they wouldn't get a lot of responses if we were left to our own devices - so they basically carved out an hour so we could devote to it.  Smart plan. 

Dad and Stew ran out to get Chicken Rico for dinner and since I really didn't fell like chicken they stopped at Little Ceasars and got me a pizza.  It's not that good but not quite as disgusting as some of the other pizza places around.

Tomorrow, we're off to hopefully (fingers crossed) see some birds.

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