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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Journal: April 21, 2012

Scrap day didn't start out as early as I had hoped.  Got to bed too late and didn't wake up until Laura woke me up, unfortunately.  Still we didn't get to the scrapbook yard sale at Perryville outlets too awful late - though I did need to borrow money since there is like no ATM up there.

The sale was pretty successful I thought.  I bought some stampin up stamps, adhesive and a bunch of prima flowers. 

We then headed to Michaels and Joann's.  Michaels was having a really good sale.  I picked up a bunch of organizers for the scrap room and some other supplies that I wanted.  Joann's was a bust - we were glad we spent our money at Michaels.

On our way back, a local church was having a Flea Market.  It was pretty much over by the time we got there and there wasn't a lot left, but it was still fun to stop and look around and see what everyone had to offer.  On our way back home we noticed that the farmer's market was open, so we stopped and mom purchased strawberries - the first of the season.  They were delicious.

Once we got home, Laura, Rachel and I went down to the craft room where they started the arduous task of putting together my new scrap furniture.  Let's just say that Laura and I aren't the most mechanically inclined people.  I think we needed to take our think apart twice before we figured it out.  We did figure it out though - so GIRL POWER.  I do need Stew to hang the peg boards I bought.  There's no way in hell I'm dealing with anchors and stuff like that.  Uh uh - I have a husband now, that's what he's for.

While we were playing in the scrap room, mom had herself a little nap.

We were supposed to go out to have dinner but after being out most of the day, we decided to just get Chinese and stay in.  Laura called dad to see what mom would want since she was sleeping and dad said that she always ordered cashew chicken - I should have woke her up.  While she does order cashew chicken on occasion it isn't her favorite.  She enjoyed it anyway.  Our Chinese restaurant is seriously hit or miss and tonight I'm happy to say it was a big hit. 

After dinner, we settled in to scrap.  Laura worked on layouts of WTK.  She had some pictures of him with a wood chipper and we had the idea to chip up some craft sticks and stain them to resemble wood chips and place them on her page.  That turned out great.  I got two layouts done - one of Mom and her bird hat and one of CEH's birth announcement.

We had a great time and stayed up late crafting and talking.

We're going to do this again in May for National Scrapbooking Day and this time I swear we're not shopping - we're going to buckle down and get some serious scrapbooking done.

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