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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Journal, April 1, 2012

Happy April Fool's Day.  No fool jokes around here - I mean there are plenty of fools who live here, two in all - but the day went without the required joke, which was good.  Oh, oh, I can say that this was the April Fool's Joke - why didn't I think of this when it happened?  Stew told me that the Flyers beat the Penguins - 6 to 4 - and I asked him, "was that in regulation?"  He gave me one of those 'you're having a Target moment' looks and said, "the score was 6 to 4."  DUH!  I so should have said April Fools.  Not that he'd have believed me, but still.  Ahhhh, my mouth speaking before my brain catches up, I have this problem as much as I have a problem trying to breathe and swallow at the same time - let me just give you a hint, it doesn't work.

As for the rest of the day, I woke up and did Zumba, had breakfast, showered and then put my pajamas right back on.  Woke up with a mother of a headache and it didn't go away until I finally gave in, took some Aleve and took a nap.  I wouldn't have done that other than I thought it may turn into a migraine and I was not wanting any part of that.  After the nap, I felt better but sure as hell couldn't go to sleep on time.  Still asleep by 11:30 which wasn't too bad.

Stew and I watched the race, what a snoozefest until the very end.  I really thought that Jimmie had that locked up and then after the wreck, I was rooting for Dale but when it became apparent that it was either Newman or AJ - of course, I needed Newman to win.  One, he's SHR, two I can't stand the dinger.  Poor, poor Kasey - blown engine.  Can that kid ever get out from under this cloud he's under?

I uploaded a bunch of pictures to smugmug today but with the headache, I didn't even want to be in the scrap room. The lighting in there was making my head hurt.  I hadn't uploaded pictures since February 1 - uh oh, this is definitely going to take awhile.  I got done through February 17th and will have to do more this week.

Had turkey sandwich for lunch and crab cakes for dinner - yummy.  I made Stew sloppy joe and he made himself some homemade potato chips.  So he has lunch all ready to go for tomorrow.

Pretty boring day around these parts.

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