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Friday, April 13, 2012

Fast Fact Friday

1.  What was your first car?

First car was a gold 1986 Pontiac Grand Am - we called her Goldilocks.

2.  Who was your first crush?

First celebrity crush was probably Cal Ripken Jr.  First real life crush was probably my seventh grade Social Studies teacher.

3.  Where was your first apartment away from your parents?

First apartment away from my parents was with Rachel.  Pine Branch Court.  It was the third floor apartment - all the way at the end of the courtyard.  It was a complete and total pain to move into - but we had a lot of good times there.

4.  Where was your first airplane flight to?

First airplane flight was to Orlando on my way to Disney World.

5.  What was the first school you attended?
First school I attended was school 33 in Baltimore City.  The schools had numbers then, no names.

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