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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Journal, April 2, 2012

Today wasn't quite the start of the week I had in mind.  Woke up this morning with Stew, took care of his gloves and his hands.  Played Mahjong on his phone while he got ready for work and then, did I get up and do Zumba, nope.  Did I get up and get ready for my day?  Nope.  Went back to sleep.  Got up in time for my work meeting and at 10:30 I was still in my pajamas.  Just not a really good start.  Had a training meeting at lunch for the roll out of new SOPs.  I turned in my time sheet for March and did more reading for work.  HR sent an email to check how I was doing.  Again, just that I'm bored.  She said the same thing everyone else has been telling me:  Enjoy it while it lasts.  Okay.

Work day ends, I jump in the shower and make dinner.  Trying a new recipe tonight that I got from the Spark People website.  It's Beef and Noodles.  Simple enough.

Here's the recipe:

Stew and I both really liked it.  It had only half of the beef in it that it was supposed to (I need to be more specific with those grocery lists...) and it needed some salt and pepper, but otherwise, this one is going in the make again pile.

I signed up for the Kerri Bradford class today on using the Silhouette machine.  I watched the first lesson which was very, very basic, but still I learned a few things and the class is only $19.  Like most of the pieces of technology I own I use the machine for its very basic purposes - I'm hoping with this class I'll be able to learn more about it and use it for even more thing, all in preparation of buying my Cameo machine.

Speaking of scrapbooking - I placed an order at Two Peas today and then realized, 1.  It's only the second of April and I've already exhausted my scrapbooking allowance and 2.  The new My Mind Eye collections come out TOMORROW.  Oh the agony.  I need to start traveling since all the mileage I'm reimbursed goes into my scrap budget.  Stew didn't know about that until dinner he's aware now.  HA!

Stew picked up my prescriptions from Walgreens.  They've messed it up again.  That's the third month in a row.  Two months ago they gave me the wrong medication all together.  Last month, they gave me the wrong formulation of the drug I take and this time, they shorted me a prescription altogether.  I think it's time to switch pharmacies.  I mean thank goodness I know what my pills are supposed to look like. 

Still uploading pictures to Smug Mug.  I may never finish...

Stew's news for the day:

  1. There was a brawl at the end of the Flyers/Pens game.  Our coach LaViolette was fined $10K for throwing a broken stick at the opposing coach - hey he's Philly's coach for a reason!  This should make the play offs interesting if we play them.
  2. Ryan Leaf - who Stew describes to me as the other big name quarterback drafted in Peyton Manning's year - the bust of the draft was arrested again.
  3. Maryland is looking to expand the gambling bill to include more than just slots.
  4. There's an ice cream place in Rochester, NY that has grilled cheese as a flavor - I told Stew that we weren't going up there so he could try it.  He said he didn't want to try it at all.  Well, good.
  5. Bynum sprained his ankle - color me shocked that this guy is hurt again.
  6. Alomar and Palmeiro weren't inducted into the Orioles' hall of fame and according to me they shouldn't have been.  
  7. They're redoing In Living Color - that show was stupid the first time around, I don't see that changing much.
  8. Stew's his own boss for Tuesday and Wednesday because the boss is out.  
  9. Update on the wrestling from last night.  The Rock beat Cena.  CM Punk beat Chris Jericho and the Undertaker beat Triple H - all my guys won.  That's good.
As I was making dinner tonight, I asked Stew if he wanted a vegetable with it.  He replied, "isn't onion a vegetable."  Yes, my darling it is, but you only just chopped a half of an onion.  I made him eat green beans - a starchy vegetable but a vegetable nonetheless.

I need to get him to tell me again about the dreams he had last night.  The inside of his head is a scary place.

Weather for the week....

Look at all the pretty pictures I made in the game Stew found me on his phone....

Here's some gadgets I bought for Stew when Laura, Mom and I went to Target on Saturday.  Maybe I'm using this chopper wrong, but thus far - not impressed.  I could do it faster and more even with a knife.  I'll try it again tomorrow and see what happens.

That's all I have for today.  Here's hoping tomorrow is more productive and that I get to sleep sometime soon.  Insomnia's back and while that's good for getting my pictures uploaded, it's not going to help that wanting a productive day tomorrow.

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