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Friday, March 9, 2012

Journal, March 9, 2012

Got up this morning and packed.  Really glad I had most of it ready to go last night.  Headed out to find a cash machine.  The tornado did some really significant damage in some areas around here where some of my coworkers live and the company is doing a fundraiser and also one of the other people who work there, her father's really sick and they're doing a collection for him, so I needed to find an ATM so that I could contribute to both of the funds.  Holy hell, the GPS wasn't working, my phone maps weren't working, it was a mess.  I did find an ATM though and a Starbucks.  Got an oatmeal and a chai tea - love chai tea!  The headed to work to find out that in all of this training I've been through, they've failed to train me on the most important aspect of the job.  The second Friday of every month they celebrate the month's birthdays with breakfast. Well, I already had my breakfast, was then on to the Friday morning staff meeting.

Following that, I spent a lot of time walking around and saying good bye to everyone and getting pictures for my board at home.  It's sad to think that I'm going to miss these folks more after two weeks than I do my other company after three years.  I'll be back in June though - have a Reds game to see.

I had lunch with one of the lead CRAs at a place called Through the Garden.  Had a salad - it was okay.

I took these pictures off of the restaurant's website - where those two women are sitting in the bottom picture is where we were sitting.  Thought that was funny.

After lunch it was the CRA meeting and then the drive to the airport to get home.  I got the airport way earlier than I needed to, but I didn't know what the traffic was going to be like, so it worked out okay except that the flight was delayed - of course it was....not too bad though.  Uneventful flight.  Stew picked me up at the airport, we got my luggage and off for home we went.  It was so good to see my house.  And I had lots of goodies waiting for me.  Can't wait to crack into them this weekend - though Stew and I are going to go up to the Conowingo Dam tomorrow and then Sunday we're finally celebrating Christmas.  It's going to be a busy weekend - but I can't wait to see everyone.

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